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Paskong Pinoy: Cookie Decorating

Now, I don’t claim that cookie decorating is a Filipino Christmas tradition but it is our families tradition in the Philippines. These darling cookie sets are from my Pinay friend, Maggie of The Little Whisk, so I must follow up and ask her about the tradition.

Maggie is a sugar cookie extraordinaire! She made my cookies for our Perks Of Pinas workshop and they were so bongga! Now she is sharing the love with all of us.


Christmas Cookie Kits|


Included in the darling kits are pre-made cookies with an icing outline, multiple colors of frosting, sprinkles and even some patterns for design inspiration!


wells picking out his design


please notice his ‘focus tongue’ and his color choice is always black


Kuya practicing on a plate first and then going for the final product!

It’s the best to see Chanda decorate cookies, she loves it and she’s really good at it too. It makes me so happy she enjoys this tradition with us.


salamat ate chanda poppins

And the final product. I love kids creations, the absolute best!


Maraming salamat po Maggie for saving me hours in the kitchen but keeping our tradition alive! You are the best. You can catch Maggie’s cookies and kits at The Little Whisk.

Kita Kita,


Cookie Buffet Christmas Tradition

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