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Paskong Pinoy: Rice Bags Are A Simple Idea To Serve Those Around Us

Paskong Pinoy: Rice Bags Are A Simple Idea To Serve Those Around Us

A few years ago during the ‘Ber months I had a friend share this simple tip with me and I would like to share it with you dear readers. We live in a city of extremes, extreme poverty and extreme wealth. You cannot hide from either and quite often you might find yourself outside one of the richest gated villages with a small child tapping on your window asking for some pesos. Bags of rice are something simple you can hand out during the holidays to serve those around you.

A Few Tips:

  • You will need a large bag of rice, paper or plastic bags and water bottles.

  • Put a plastic tablecloth or sheet on the ground before you begin digging into the bag of rice.

  • Scoop a bit of rice into a bag and close it off!

  • You can give a bottle of water with the rice and will allow them clean water to cook their food. A can of tuna/sardines/spam is a nice addition as well.

  • Keep bags and water bottles in the car so you can hand out easily.

  • Good deed done!


I like to involve my kids in creating the bags and also handing them out when they are in the car. I believe this allows the children to see their efforts in action. When my children giveaway old toys or clothes they never see the end result of where the items are donated so there is a disconnect. This activity of making and giving the rice bags out allows them the connection of how important their choices and actions are.


I am grateful to the friend who taught me this and has now become a regular tradition. I am grateful for so many of other Filipinos who show such love and care during the holidays.

Maligayang Pasko,


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