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A Few Favorite Things: Summer Edition

A Few Favorite Things: Summer Edition


Is that a fruit salad or is it my scrumptious skin? People! The Sun Bum is here! The cult favorite among sun worshipers has landed itself in Manila thanks to Parasol y Mar. I took a few of their products with me on a recent trip to Myanmar and was brought back to my college days in Hawaii, the nostalgia was real. I am most excited for their zinc oxide lotion/paste. Any kid of the 90's remember wearing those zinc stripes under their eyes? I will absolutely be giving this a go with my littles this summer. 

sun bum.jpg
sun bum l.JPG


I am sucker for heritage brands and Saltwater Sandals are the epitome of a classic old school company who has continued success because of their core values, family hard work and simplicity. I was absolutely rejuvenated listening the UK Managing Director Rachael Lainé teach us the history of the family brand and then telling us her own story of coming together with Satlwater Sandals. 

rachel + Joana.jpg

Did you know Saltwater Sandals originated from up cycling leather boot remnants from WW ll military boots in the 1940's? I had no idea such an iconic and stylish sandal started this way. Another fun fact: to this day the original family owns and runs the company! 

Coming from a background of fierce style and a career in PR,  Rachael approached Saltwater Sandals a few years back and essentially convinced them to send these beauties all over the globe and opened up the market in the UK. Rachael fell in love with the sandal when she dressed her own littles in the leather sandals and knew they would be a global favorite. We owe much of the fun colors and new designs thanks to this sassy lady. Much in the same way, our Filipina Entrepreuner favorite, Joanna Co a debt of gratitude for cultivating great brands and bringing them here to Manila. Manila has everythaaaaaang! (I will never stop saying that!) 

Listening to Rachael speak of her story with Saltwater Sandals inspired me. When I see other women chase their dreams I want to chase my own as well. Let's go ladies! 

rach and amber

Kindred Spritis


Hay Naku you guys. It was 10 pm exactly one day before I was leaving on my #MommyWalkAbout and the thought finally struck me, the perfect hat was to be found at Decathlon! There wasn't enough hours in the day to get my butt down to Alabang (Hey Decathalon, when you coming up North, huh?) so I had the genius plan to order online. Within a few minutes I was checking out online only to be turned away because I had a foreign credit card. Oh no you didn't Manila, you would stop me from getting my way. I opted to do over the counter pay at 7-11, have you guys done this? It's so weird and so convenient. Bright and early the next morning I paid for my hat from Decathalon at 7-11 and within two hours it was ready at the pick up counter. Cue LalaMove to solve the problem of transportation. I had my hat in my hands by 2 pm the day before I left on my #MommyWalkAbout. The things you do in Manila...


Me with my trophy hat. No regrets!

"Are your kids swimming or sledding in the snow?" This is what one friend asked me as she looked at my dorky children donned with long sleeve rash-guards, floaties, hats and sandals plus a heaping layer of sunscreen. I am a little crazy when it comes to sun protection but the longer the rash-guard and the larger the hat, less the sunburn. I bought the boys all matching long sleeve rash-guards from Decathalon for around 200-300php. My long sleeve swimsuit is from none other than Googoo&Gaga, love that lokal brand. 

rash guards.jpg

Morong Bataan, Releasing baby sea turtles


Human Nature is a household brand for our family, you can read my previous post about them here. Our toothpaste, lip cream, soaps and now sunscreen all come from this proudly Filipino brand. Human Nature is full of goodness, the ingredients, outreach program and humble beginnings are filled with pure goodness. I am super stoked to see they now have a children's and family sun cream line. Whoot whoot! This will be by the pool all summer long. Plus, no harm to the reefs! Way to go Human Nature you are such an easy business to support. 

human nature sunscreen


Can't stop, won't stop! Bayongciaga bringing in the summer favorites like it ain't no thang. The smaller boxy bag will serve as my wet bag on some days and my baon bag on the other days. I love the combo and the quality is top notch as usual. 


My kids have had their year end performances, we've got our bags and creams ready for the summer, bring on the beaches! May your summers be full of fun. 

Kita kits,


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