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A Few Favorite Things Edition IV

A Few Favorite Things Edition IV

Fantastic Philippines|

Two months ago I had the privilege of speaking to a large group of expat women living in Manila. Through my blog I have tried to be a champion of the Philippines and show that you don't just have to survive here but you can actually THRIVE here. A simple gift I like to give newcomers is this box set from Papemelroti titled, Fantastic Philippines. It is a small box filled with 52 fantastic facts about the Philippines. Thanks to Papemelroti for gifting the event enough boxes for each attendee. I was even able to have an Oprah moment, 'You get a box! And you get a box!"

fantastic philippines ll.jpg

Fantastic philippines for everyone

fantastic phillippines i.jpg

Fantastic Philippines can be purchased online or for order in stores for 59php.

Rawsome Kitchen|

I am not raw nor vegan but I love good food and that is exactly what Rawsome Kitchen is. I spent an evening eating my way through a 9 course raw vegan meal and enjoyed literally every bite. The flavors and colors were playful and imaginative. Plus, Chef Barby had her sous chef (3 year old daughter) accompany her through the night, it was inspiring to see a mom honor both her work as a chef and as a mother. 

Catch one of Rawsome Kitchen's monthly pop up's in Makati by following on IG. Read more about her menu here

Skin Care at HOO|

I am not a skin care freak BUT I probably should be. I grew up in California, university in Hawaii and the last almost decade here in Manila. I didn't notice sunspots on my skin until this year (and that middle forehead wrinkle also came this year - thank you children. Grabe, the stress naman is real!) I've resolved to taking better care of my skin regularly, something I probably should have done a decade a go. My first step, regular skin maintenance at House Of Obagi and their Vitamin C skin care line at home. This means regular washes, hay nako, this will be so hard for a person so tamad as myself. The skin care I am most serious about though is the daily tinted sunscreen. HOO services and products are top quality so expect to pay for top quality. I'd rather invest in my skin care now before something serious happens. 

skin care.jpg

House Of Obagi is located all over the Metro. Find a location near you or even order the tinted sunscreen online


Cheers to another weekend!

Kita Tita Titas,


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