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A Few Favorite Things For The Middle Aged Woman

A Few Favorite Things For The Middle Aged Woman

This year I turned 34 and it gifted me a permanent wrinkle in my forehead and 12 pounds. Yup, this conversation is happening. I am a middle aged woman. Hay. Freaking. Naku. This blog isn’t just about family friendly activities in Manila but also how to CREATE a life in Manila. Part of living is dealing with the mundane and the vain. Lord knows you won’t find makeup reviews on this blog but you will certainly find a few tricks that have helped me create my day to day life here. So I share with you A Few Favorite Things For The Middle Aged Woman. 


I knew I mastered living in the Philippines when I found a hair dresser who could highlight my walis ting-ting white girl hair. DM at Piandre knows his way around the blonde crown, give him a go if you need an expert colorist. I am so middle age I have a colorist and a stylist. Jerwin started cutting my hair this year and his exactness is much appreciated. He’s also located at Ayala 30th so you can make a reservation for both and get them done in one day. Ya’welcome!


Go Blonde Or Go Home

Without Piandre I would just go back to America. Joke Lang.

Skin Care|

I wish I had naturally tan skin but unfortunately I do not. My pale skin is forever pale, as in I burn, turn red, peel and then I am back to iridescent. After 8 years in the tropics and almost half way through my 30’s I decided it was time to take my skin care regiment seriously. House Of Obagi (HOO) has been doing my facials for the last year and half so naturally I asked them to create a skin care regiment for me. It involves a lot of cream and more commitment than I usually give but I am happy to say that the permanent wrinkle in my middle forehead and darkening sun spots were a great motivator to take care of my skin day and night. The HOO Vitamin C line of skin care is not cheap so I really did approach it as an investment. I don’t really wear make up or perfume so I justified some of the cost that way. 


On Skin Care

House Of Obagi Vitamin c treatments to counteract sun damage

Another skin care routine I have started doing monthly is the Alma-Q laser treatments at SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center, located at The Spa. The Spa was the first spa I EVER, like in my life, visited and it was all the way back in 2009 when I was 25 years old. SKIN is a well established, researched and respected brand that I trust their skin services and doctors. Doctora Raisa Pasion at the Fort Spa is INCREDIBLE! I love her. She really knows her stuff and she also is so kind and welcoming. Every foreigner or lokal alike, if you are looking for a derma go to her. As for the Alma-Q treatment they are a dream because you can hop in during lunch time and be done and on your way with in the hour. It’s a great option for working professionals. I have had two treatments so far and will give you an update after I finish up all my treatments. 


The price of beauty

This is what lazer face looks like. Joke lang. But I’d rather take Glasses and a laser to reverse color spots than a scary skin disease.

Can we please take a moment to recognize how incredibly awesome Dr. Raisa is? It’s like making kuwento and chikahan every visit.


In all honesty, we did a lot of therapy this year with the kids and that therapy time took up my exercise time. I was in the best shape of my life two years ago when I was doing Muay Thai training and Electric Studio cycling classes a few times a week. During the holidays I made a commitment to myself that I would go to at least 10 classes at Electric Studio and I DID IT! I missed one class because of some deadlines but I attended 9 classes and I feel proud of myself. I don’t have a gym membership and the kids are done with therapy at the moment so I am using those funds for myself to get my fitness back and tone my flabby 34 year old bum. 



That’s right, those chunky monkey sandals our hip tita’s used to wear now make fitness sneakers and I am officially obsessed. Fit Flops, or as I call them my ‘sweater shoes’ endearingly, can slip on and off and they are so freaking comfortable. They breath so well that on occasion (more than I’d like to admit) that I can go without socks and they don’t even turn mabajo (stinky). Magical, I know. {Deep dark secrets: I wore this to Enchanted Kingdom without socks and went on Roaring Rapids and got soaked and it didn’t even penetrate this bad boys!} 


I picked mine up at ResToeRun

From one tita to another, Happy Friday!

Kita Kita Titas,


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