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A Few Favorite Things Edition

A Few Favorite Things Edition

I love bright colors and these few handpicked items are a splash of happiness that I hope you love as much as I do! 


Work that pamaypay! I never understood the appreciation for a fan until I moved to the Philippines and hung out for a number of hours outside with NO air-con. I repeat NO AIR-CON. This has me kissing the invention of the pamaypay and I will never leave home without one, especially this beauty right here my friend Mia sent over. 

fan l.jpg
fan ll.jpg

the fan of your dreams

Catch one of these fans or her fabulous bags from MCV Designs on FB or IG

Honest Junk|

My first encounter with Honest Junk was love at first bite. Honestly, their stuff is the opposite of junk. It is hearty and healthy. My personal favorite are the gauva mango strawberry Super Gummies, I can't get enough. Thanks to Honest Junk for sending over this delightful pacakge just in time for Father's Day a few months back. 

honest junk.jpg

honest junk is honestly not junk

honest junk kk.jpg
honest junk kkk.jpg

I'm a sucker for packaging and Honest Junk could carry their whole brand on immpecable packaging alone. 

Wall Clock|

I bought this clock several months ago from Papemelroti until one day it seemed to verbally yell at me, "PUT ME ON YOUR FREAKING WALL AMBER." Ok, ok ok ok. You can't beat a 1,000php wall clock with this good of a design. You can find one here too. Make sure you check if it is in stores before you go, I had to order mine for pickup. 

wall clock.jpg
wall clock l.jpg

Basket Case|

C&C released the new 'Chroma' line this month and it is a sight to behold. I am a basket lover, ok basket addict, but at least I have come to terms with it. (I indeed have not.) C&C's Large Sinag Basket check's all the boxes for beauty, function and form. This basket is very high quality so you absolutely get what you pay for. 

chrome basket

C&C's sinag basket from the New chromA line

Happy weekend to my internet barkada!


Junior Ranger Program

Junior Ranger Program

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