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A Few Favorite Things Edition V

A Few Favorite Things Edition V

Happy Friday folks. I am a firm believer that one can always find what they’re looking for, even right here in Manila. It may be a non-toxic deodorant, organic health supplements or charming details that make life colorful. Below are a few favorite things I am super digging these days.

One Earth Organics|

I have ditched the aluminum ridden deodorant and use One Earth Organics and Zen Nutrients strictly and am super happy about the transition. They are both light deodorants that keep my odor at bay but without a nasty ingredient list. I am a huge fan of One Earth Organics face masks, they are THE BEST! I have been using them regularly for the last year.

one earth ll.jpg
one earth lll.jpg
one earth l.jpg
one earth.jpg

grab some OE goodies online and in stores at Beauty Bar

Ilog Maria|

I have good friends. One friend taught me about Bee Propolis from Ilog Maria and the other filled up my stock when I was all out of sotck and gifted me some extra goodies along with the propolis.

Ilog Maria.jpg

Natural Probiotic & Nature’s Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant. Food grade polypropylene bottle with medical grade wide flip top cap.
Our bees collect propolis from the flowering buds of a multitude of trees from season to season. Colours, tastes, textures and smells of bee propolis are always different from bloom to bloom.
Most effective for coughs, colds, influenza, fever, asthma and rheumatism. 50% solution for super strength. We macerate raw bee propolis in pure coco brandy for not less than a year and up to 2 years to extract all its natural healing qualities.

You can purchase Ilog Maria at their main store location, their online store or All Day Grocer

Abel Ph|

Y’all know I am addicted to Inabel and baskets so this item shouldn’t come as a surprise on this post. Abel Ph has been releasing such fun new collections. This is the canary yellow small stripe blanket and I am OBSESSED. It fits perfect on it’s new home, a bamboo ladder from Kultura.


order online through Abel Ph, purse from Hanamayari Ph

Kyeopta Washi Tape|

I know my washi tape hoarding is childish but it is who I am and has been since I was a little girl. Tape, stationary and stickers have been my favorite things since I was little. There are so many wonderful kawaii shops in Manila and now the kyeopta Korea stores are hitting the scene. These cuties are from Ilahui in Uptown BGC for 50php you can’t beat that price.

washi tape.jpg

you can visit ilahui outlets or purchase online

Happy Weekend!

Kita Kita,


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