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Dream Spaces: Burrow Cafe In Antipolo

Dream Spaces: Burrow Cafe In Antipolo

Tucked in the treasure box of lower Antipolo resides a new hidden gem, Burrow Cafe. The giddy feelings never stopped during my whole visit to Burrow Cafe and I don’t think yours will either. 

from the outside.jpg

Burrow Cafe

Tucked away is a hidden gem

Located on the same property as The Bee House tucked under a grass lawn, follow the rabbit hole stair case and you will find yourself here, at quaint and hidden cafe tucked away under a hillside. 

entrance ll.jpg
entrance lll.jpg

Burrow Cafe is more of a sanctuary than a food establishment. It’s a place that invites you in, hugs you with nourishment, grounds you with nature then sends you back on your way out into the world. 

full view.jpg

the open spaces blend between nature and cafe

blurred view.jpg
blurred view clear.jpg

every detail is perfectly understated and simply delightful

childrens details.jpg

the owners of Burrow Cafe have four children so details to entertain your little ones are found spotted all over

hanging chairs.jpg

don't just come to dine, come to enjoy time spent

animals ll.jpg
animals l.jpg
body food l.jpg

in-house you will find delightful goodies for your skin by bodyfoodallnatural, home and honey! 

body food ll.jpg

The happiness felt during my morning visit carried with me through out the day. For me, Burrow is a place that rejuvenates you to go out and make the world a little better. 

 A warm bowl of lugao with fresh pandesal perfectly paired with kamote top juice is a meal for the soul.


even the menus are quaint, hidden inside books you will find the restaurants offerings

food coffee.jpg

warm lugao and fresh pandesal from the panaderia just down the road

food pandesal.jpg
food lugao.jpg

Lugao For Breakfast

Fresh Pandesal din

robyn with kamote tops.jpg
food tea.jpg

kamote top juice with resident cute, Robyn. warning: she will steal your heart

menu ll.jpg

leave room for dessert

After filling your belly follow the path to the lower river and connect with mother nature. While you’re at it, use the clean up sticks and pick up any remnants from others that might have slipped in. What a lovely way to end your visit, giving back just a little. 

river ll.jpg
river clean up.jpg
amber in a river.jpg

Burrow Cafe is SO MUCH more than an Instagrammable setting, although it is very picturesque, let it brighten your day and invite you to be a little kinder to your surroundings. 

Kita Kita Titas,


Burrow Cafe

OPEN • Wed-Thurs 8A-4P / Fri-Sun 7A-4P / select holidays
Closed • Mon-Tues
Updates & Events • IG

Address is 113 Beverly Hills Ave, Beverly Hills Subd, Antipolo - home of Vincent Gutierrez. When you enter the village, drive straight through until the end of the main road, past HEDCen School, until you reach a long bamboo fence/gate and BEEHOUSE sign sticking out (no actual number).

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