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A Colorful World With Tet & Maggie

A Colorful World With Tet & Maggie

Oh my gulai, this is one of those posts where I hope you feel the magic I was able to while spending a morning with Antipolo artist duo, Tet & Maggie. 

tet and maggie.jpg

Tucked away in a small gated village in Antipolo resides a wonderful and creative pair, Tet & Maggie. They use color to add fun to life and use their art as a way of expressing themselves and the world around them.

lampshade l.jpg
maggies l.jpg

For Tet, her mediums range from paintings to furniture pieces and even hand sewn textile lampshades.

lampshade making.jpg
copper curtain detail.jpg
knick knack details.jpg
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Maggie has the ‘eye’ and helps create and curate pieces with Tet but also pieces from her beloved mother. Paintings and word carvings are plentiful at Maggie’s space and while some of them may be decades old she knows how to add a modern twist that makes any boho heart weep. 

maggies lv.jpg
maggies v.jpg
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Cafe Inday

Located at maggies bungalow is an art cafe

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Together the pair beautifies life around them while sharing positivity through their collection of artworks. During our morning visit the reoccurring theme was how colorful Tet & Maggie see the world. It’s through their bright and playful pieces that spreads cheer. Their works are sight to see and experience. You won’t regret stopping by their space in Antipolo. 

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Kita Kita Titas,


Please contact Tet & Maggie through Facebook or Instagram to set up an appointment. 


Pilipino Library: Magkulay Tayo

Pilipino Library: Magkulay Tayo

Dream Spaces: Burrow Cafe In Antipolo

Dream Spaces: Burrow Cafe In Antipolo