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Tahanan Bistro

Tahanan Bistro

I will admit that after 11 years of marriage we have fallen into the 'Dinner and a Movie' date trap. In Manila eating out is what you do. Plus, we live just down the road from a theater with recliner seats which makes it almost too easy. In efforts to spice up our regular dates I have found great pleasure in driving a littler further (out of the city) or visiting a unique eating establishment. Tahanan Bistro marks both those indicators, plus it has a sexy elusiveness to it. The delayed gratification of a longer drive and reservations only is so satisfying! 

Check out this interesting list for reservation only restaurants in the Metro. 

scenery vl.jpg

Grabe, you guys where do I even begin? We worked our way through the night like we would a menu. First, we sampled and soaked in the details of the scenery. I got carried away with the landscape and details before my date kindly encouraged that 30 minutes and 450 photos later was probably sufficient. I was so mesmerized I attempted to capture each glint of moonlight that reflected off the innumerable succulents. Forcing myself to save room for more I worked my way to the main course, the exteriors and interiors of the hand carved restaurant itself. I needed to drink in every detail and each new view! Now for the grand finale, the real adventure, a five course culinary experience! The whole night was a fulfilling feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

| Sampling Of Details & Scenery | 

Establishments that are owned and run by individuals as opposed to chain restaurants tell a story. The physical space is usually a manifestation of their design, creativity or lived experiences. As I devoured the scenery from one trail to the next I wasn't satisfied but hungered for more! I mean, the entrance door at Tahanan Bistro is a submarine looking glass with a fish lock! I cannot make this stuff up. My imagination played on the illuminated jars as I imagined hundreds of lightening bugs giving off light. There is something special about experiencing a place at night that shows a different side you don't meet in the day.  

scenery lll.jpg
scenery l.jpg
scenery ll.jpg
scenery vll.jpg
scenery llll.jpg

| Main Course Of Exteriors & Interiors | 

Tahanan Bistro is part restaurant and part home to craftsmen Benji Reyes. The home was designed and created at the means of his hands, if there isn't spirit in these walls then I don't what is. The exteriors and interiors of Tahanan Bistro were like walking through a real life fairytale. Lights glowing, fish swimming, air flowing, stars twinkling and a mass of flora fauna as a backdrop to protect you from the real world just beyond the walls. 

resto l.jpg
koi fish.jpg
resto llll.jpg
resto ll.jpg
resto v.jpg

This radio box was carved by Benji Reyes himself. The details are endles. 

| Sweet Endings: A Culinary Experience | 

What's better: grabbing a quick bite to eat while on the road that is most likely reheated and packaged OR making your way through a meal that has been inspired by a chef that took time and effort to make it fresh for you? The food at Tahanan is unprecedented. Filipino food can be reinvented 100 different ways and I think this may be my favorite take on Filipino cuisine. The flavors were soft yet exciting. The ingredients freshness accentuated the flavors perfectly. 

The food hinges from the produce and flavours found from various regions of the Philippine Islands. We do not represent Filipino cuisine, we are inspired by it.
resto lll.jpg
food l.jpg


potato, burnt leek, roasted carrot, onion foam

food lll.jpg


crumbed mozzarella ball, chicken, tomatoes, pea puree, carrot, shimeji, crispy longganisa, lemon

food v.jpg



Yakal Menu

food ll.jpg

Kinilaw | 

tuna, black sesame, ginger, cucumber, red capsicum puree, brik pastry

food vl.jpg

Barbeque |

barbecued pork ribs, beetroot gastrique, fondant potatoes, brown butter cabbage, beetroot & fennel water crackers


food vll.jpg


food vlll.jpg



| Extras |

Located at the lower level of Tahana Bistro you will find Benji Reyes' humble and personal gallery. I highly recommend spending a bit of time admiring the artists works. 

resto vl.jpg
resto vlll.jpg

AND there is such a thing as Lover's Lane in the Philippines. We happened upon it by accident on our way home. But Amber how did you know others view this as Lover's Lane and not just you? Hmmm, 20 plus couples lined the side of the rails while they snuggled and hid PDA under the darkness. We couldn't help but chuckle a little, enjoy your youth ones! :) 

lovers lane.jpg

A few other ideas for the Antipolo area can be found here. Make a date and visit Pinto Art Museum or Luljettas Hanging Gardens and cap the night off at Tahanan Bistro. 

Tahanan Bistro

22 Loresville Drv., Lores Farm Subdv., Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, Philippines

Reservations Please

0925 880 1487

*Tahanan requests that you bring socks as shoes are not allowed in the restaurant to preserve the wood floors. 

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