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Enchanted Kingdom, The Philippines' Premier Theme Park

Enchanted Kingdom, The Philippines' Premier Theme Park

Do you remember your first visit to a theme park? Often a waft of fresh buttered popcorn takes me back to my first visit to Disneyland as young girl. It’s amazing how some childhood experiences, such as theme parks, are universal for cultures across the world. The thrill of butterflies in your stomach as you drop down a roller coaster peak or the magic of the park at night are ones that stay with you forever. I recently got to share this same experience with my family on our very first visit to Enchanted Kingdom

roller skater.jpg

my sweet bunso on his first roller coaster, Roller Skater

Honestly, I had underestimated Enchanted Kingdom purely because I did not know all the park had to offer. I had envisioned Enchanted Kingdom to be more like a glorified carnival, boy was I wrong. The park is a full on legit theme park with all the bells and whistles. It was clean, we felt super safe, it wasn’t too crowded and we LOVED our experience. My kids rode their first roller coasters, we experienced the new Agila flying theater experience and got completely soaked our last ride of the day, Rio Grande Rapids. 

jungle log jam.jpg

my sweet guys on jungle log jam

Here are some of the highlights from our day!

|Enchanting By Day

agila family.JPG

Our families highlight of the day was for sure Agila The Experience. All of us could ride side by side and as we soared over the Philippines we shouted and pointed and bonded over the places we had visited in person. With each location we were reminded of our gift of living here. Every Filipino, foreigner, transplant or tourist should experience Agila. 


AGILA the EKsperience is the first and only flying theater in the Philippines! It is an exhilarating multi-sensory adventure that takes park entertainment to incredible heights. Discover the power of nature’s elements in the magically-themed, massively iconic structure that houses the soaring theater. Meet EK’s wise wizard ELDAR and take off with AGILA to virtually experience the archipelago’s most beautiful sights and sounds. AGILA is a truly a whole new way to discover and EKsplore the very best of the Philippines.

agila l.jpg

i don't know what i loved more, the agila experience of the gift shop

Flying Fiesta .jpg

flying fiesta with the fam

flying fiesta l.jpg

despite his face, he actually loved the ride

Petreefied House.jpg

petreefied house play area

Bumbling Boulders.jpg
Stone Eggs.jpg

perfect rides for the kids in boulder city

ferris wheel v.jpg

our family on highest height of the ferris wheel

ferris wheel lll.jpg
ferris wheel llll.jpg
ferris wheel lv.jpg

don't look down!

ghost busters.jpg

who ya gonna call?


the looping stroller always saves the day, it's amazing how entertained the kids are


Kindermagic is the new brain child of Enchanted Kingdom and is a designated drop and play are for kids while parents go run around like teens again! For small hourly fee your child will be well cared for and entertained through play and music at Kindermagic. There is a brilliant mother's lounge and even a child's sized toilet!

kindermagic vl.jpg
kindermagic l.jpg
kindermagic ll.jpg

the peaceful mothers lounge

|Magic By Night

There is an entirely new magic and energy as the sky grows dark and the park lights grow bright. Nights at amusement parks are some of my favorite times. The ferris wheel had me swooning!

kindermagic lll.jpg
Eldar's Theater.jpg

don't miss Eldar's Theater for a wonderful show of story tellingm music and dancing! 

kinderoom v.jpg

|Press Play

It's true, the magic really does stay with you. My heart feels happy and already nostalgic as I look at these photos from just a few weeks ago. We have had many experiences at the beach, mountains and now a family day at Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines. Manila really does have it all. Thank you for the fun day EK! We will be back very soon,

Kita Kits,


Plan your dat at Enchanted Kingdom by visiting the website and download the map before you go! 

EK Map.png
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