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Families In Global Transition Conference 2019

Families In Global Transition Conference 2019

The reasons for writing and keeping up A Momma Abroad have evolved and I am grateful to say that one of the reasons I keep sharing is to help other foreign families like my own find resources to love their new home. My identity pushes and pulls as I don’t feel like a ‘true expat’; we have moved only once out of country (Seattle to Manila) and lived in the same city for a decade. I am not seen as a ‘lokal’ (as much as I want to) because I am not Filipino. Whatever title I am, I am grateful to live in Manila and grateful to expand my world view by living in a country and culture different than my own. If you fit somewhere in this alternate world with me, then Families In Global Transition could be an asset for you. 

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Families In Global Transition is a global organization that supports families who live a transient lifestyle. They have an active online organization, local chapters and an annual conference. I recently attended and presented at the FIGT Conference in Bangkok last April 2019. It was a phenomenal learning experience and I am sharing here in case other expats are interested in this community. Filipinos are well known for having professionals all over the world and Manila is a melting pot of foreign workers as well. 


The FIGT conference was 3 days long and filled with research and enlightening workshops, lectures, key note speakers and so much more. It was enjoyable for me as I am not a working professional so I don’t ever attend conferences. Attending this conference was a nice support to meet other families living a global lifestyle. It made the online world visible and provided contact with a physical community, plus a deeply educational space as well. 


FIGT brings those with unique lifestyles together. I exchanged emails with emily before the conference and we were able to meet and explore a night market together. for both of us, exploring is a vehicle to get out and see our city. you can find emily and her expat parenting resources here.


The highlight of the conference for me was hearing Caleb Meakins share empowering messages on how we can impact the world globally, by doing good locally.

In all honestly I left a bit overwhelmed with information. A lot of the content from the conference focused on Third Culture Kids (TCK’s) and I have never thought about struggles TCK’s might have, both in adolescence and adulthood. I walked away with an eye opening perspective and a lot to mentally chew on. (Am I screwing up my kids by living so far from our ‘home country’ and family? I had never thought this before I attended the conference. I don’t think so but this isn’t the place for that discussion. Ask me in person next time you see me.) 


If you identify as a family in global transition or were raised in a similar family setting and would benefit from support, I highly recommend joining the community and attending the conference. 


I presented at the conference on, How To Use Social Media For Cross Culture Success During A Global Transition on a panel with 3 other insanely talented professionals. Dr. Laura Anderson, Sundae Schneider-Bean and Relocate Guru Nicole Blyth are all incredible resources and specialize in unique settings that serve globally minded families. I learned so much about collaboration, presenting and cross culture learnings from being on this panel. It was a super enriching experience.

I am forever grateful for the opportunities living abroad has given me and my family.

Kita Kita,


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