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Love Lokal: Heyjow Jewelry

Love Lokal: Heyjow Jewelry

It’s been interesting to see my voice and message land in the places it does. There have been times when I thought I had caught a ‘big break’ (laughs at self) only to have it fall so flat and misunderstood that I wanted to actually disappear. Experiences like this have given me perspective and much needed introspection to realign with my personal values and the message of what I am sharing. The main voice I always hope to amplify is to love where you live, specifically, to love Manila. 


I was a bit nervous to be one of Heyjow’s spotlights for her Design Series this year. I am in no ways a model. If you need someone to act like a dork and attempt to make people laugh then I am your girl. So with that, I did my best to smile the best I could and be the most comfortable I could be. Sheila Catilo is truly a magic maker and I am her strongest piece of evidence - if she can make me look this good then she might as well have a magic wand. Jaz, the videographer was also so natural and able to catch a lot of my realness - thank you! 


i love the way sheila captures deatails; this is a mobile from our travels to cambodia hanging in our home

Someday I will be less visible (something I look forward to but not anytime soon) but what I hope lives on with #PerksOfPinas is that we look for the good around us daily and share that with others. Kat of Heyjow captured my voice in the exact way I would hope. I am so grateful for her interviewing and editing skills. You can read the full interview here.

And all of this is to say, Joana, thanks for letting me be a part of the Heyjow series. I am always happy to champion local brands and companies like yours. Keep creating, keep dreaming and keep sharing! 


My Picks


gold coast earrings, i love the regal twist on a geometric twist

tropical greens

tropical greens layered necklace, 3 for 1, it doesn’t get better than that

island girl blush

island girl blush is also a 3-1 and all can be worn separate, i am a sucker for matte gold

Families In Global Transition Conference 2019

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Real Food Ph

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