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Nine Years Too Long

Nine Years Too Long

Please don’t wait nine years to visit Antonio’s like I did.

You’ll regret it, I know I do. Antonio’s is a magical utopia that hugs you inside it’s hidden vortex and shields you from the outside world, even just for one meal. Honestly, I wish it wasn’t limited to a dining experience but also a B&B or night stay. Perhaps, part of the magic though is the limited time you are able to soak in all the perfection. 

I will be perfectly honest in stating that the menu price of Antonio’s represent the luxury experience. The experience you get at Antonio’s in comparison to other global dining experiences similar, you’re hard pressed to find a more affordable option. Before we visited Antonio’s I was worried the high price might be a deterrent and even told my visiting family that we would get salads and desserts only. Ha! Ako ay sobra kuripot! When we arrived and learned that the meal was inclusive of soup, salad, main course and a dessert we were all in. 

Everything at Antonio’s is refined, exquisite and luxurious. Seriously, even the staff were all freakishly good looking. Here were some of the impeccable details that made the experience supreme.

Interiors Exteriors & Gardens|


The photo above only captures a snapshot of the sprawling hillside restaurant. Antonio’s really seems to spill out every where on the heavenly Tagaytay garden. When you do visit ask the concierge for the best seating placement for the time of day you are visiting. I imagine that different parts of the restaurant are prime for lunch and dinner.


The Lanai Lounge is located within Antonio’s. This is a great way to extend your visit. Start first at Antonio’s then cap off your night at the Lanai Lounge, or vice verse.


The flora and fauna are a plenty. Perhaps they use the same gardener as the Garden of Eden.


Main Courses & Desserts|

We spent some time soaking in all the lush green and incredible interiors before we sat down for dinner. I like to imagine that every single dish that leaves the kitchen is a culinary experience. Antonio’s is the whole experience. It isn’t just about a beautiful interiors and exteriors but they use the highest quality of ingredients and as locally sourced as possible. We were fortunate enough to meet Chef Antonio during our meal and he was incredible kind and friendly. Seriously, there isn’t anything NOT to love at Antonio’s.


STEAMED CLAMS| Chili Saffron, Garlic Confit, Housemade Tagliatelle


SALT CRUSTED BARRAMUNDI “APAHAP” | Served with Fish Velouté, Lemon Brown Butter


Chamomile Ice Cream


Molten Flourless Chocolate Cake

Pilipinas, you really are a wonder. From the sweaty aisles of a wet market to a swanky hidden garden restaurant, you fill me with gratitude, love and magic. Maraming salamat po!

Kita Kita,


Reservations for Antonio’s can be made here.

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