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Only In The Philippines: That One Time We Were In A Diaper Ad

Only In The Philippines: That One Time We Were In A Diaper Ad

"Who is this kaloka chick and what is she doing here?" Is what I imagine goes through peoples head way too often when I show up at events or on promotional videos like the one we recently did for the newly launched brand, Goo.N. I would also ask myself, "Self, how do you end up in these situations?" I can't help but laugh and reply to this one sided conversation all happening in my head, with the simplest answer, "Only in the Philippines." 

Here's the real story. I started writing for a few months back and the EIC who also dabbles in PR was working with Goo.N during the making of their new promotional video. The producers viewed a video I did last year for The Parenting Files and loved the way I humiliated myself on camera- ha! I cannot hide much, even on camera. After a few inquiries we spent a Saturday morning with my sweetest little babe and a production team answering questions about motherhood. We revisited past experiences I haven't had time to slow down and ponder for years. I would be lying if I didn't say tears were shed, motherhood is intense people. 

When the time came for the actual launch of Goo.N I had another opportunity to share about motherhood with a power line up of other parents. Wells was a little ham through the whole event. I couldn't believe it. He was soaking it all in and giving the people what they wanted, cuteness overload!  

cheese face.jpg
sushi go.jpg


Even the food was beautiful at Manila House.

The event was a new experience for me but as usual I was swooning over the interiors the whole time. The Manila House is a magical private space that is pretty much every boheme-chic inspired Pinterest board all in one place but in real life. I know, it is pure eye candy. From crown molding to carpet, wall paper to window treatments it is a tall glass you want to drink in. 

manila hosue.jpg
Manila House ll.jpg

Check out the video below. They were so gracious in editing out my tears.  

That's a wrap! 

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