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Legit Tacos At Hacienda BGC

Legit Tacos At Hacienda BGC

Being raised in California has gifted me an affinity for Mexican food, specifically street tacos. I am one who loves to tout that you can,  ‘always find what you’re looking for,’ and I do believe this, but sometimes it means you may have to wait a few years but Manila eventually will have everythaaaang! (psssst: I heard Ikea broke ground over at MOA but don’t call me a chismosa if I’m incorrect.) 

I wondered into Hacienda with low expectations because Mexican food in Asia is usually always ‘fusion’. I don’t mind ‘fusion’ Mexican food but more often than not, I want legit plain and simple Mexican food. Hacienda doesn’t have an extensive because they chose to focus on a few simple Mexican dishes do them correctly, they made the right choice. 



fish taco + carnitas + corn

taco l.jpg

carnitas + special in house hot sauce all laid on top of a fresh hand pressed tortilla


maiz + mexican white cheese (I only wish the corn was fresh as oppose to canned. I could taste the difference especially since we have great local corn)

tres leches.jpg

tres leches cake is TO DIE FOR! the cake is the personal recipe of the owner. it is served in a bath of milk and is simply irresistible 


I knew I loved Hacienda just from the looks of her. As I entered I was surprised to find a Dio De Los Meurtos diorama just like the small collection I have at home. Then a wall mural ta’boot! They really hit the cultural interiors on the head. 

diorama l.jpg

And there you have, legit tacos right here in Manila. You may have to be patient but eventually you will always find what you’re looking for. 

Hasta Luego



F121 Forbestown Road, Forbeswood Heights Retail

Bonifacio Global City

Call (02) 625 4727

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