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Kid Craft Day At Papemelroti

Kid Craft Day At Papemelroti


In other parts of the world you might get ‘Snow Days’, in the Philippines we get ‘Monsoon Days’. Often during the months of August and September typhoons make their way through the Philippines which cancels classes for the day, this is known locally as Walang Pasok. My children’s first month of school they had 4 Monsoon Days. This caused us all to get quite stir crazy so an adventure was in orderr; a craft day at Papemelroti.

Papemelroti is a local Filipino brand and one of my absolute favorites. They have the cutest odds and ends plus papers, stationaries and anything else you can imagine. The Alejandro Family, the lovely family behind the brand, has created an upstairs craft and workshop in the original building on Don Roces in Makati. It is truly a dream! 

Corner Store, Lending Library & Message In A Bottle|

stair case.jpg

Don’t forget to enjoy the little store on the ground level. My kids had their own money they had earned and decided to buy their own Message In A Bottle. There really are treasures to be found! You can even take a new book or donate one to the free lending library located just outside the storefront window.  

message in a bottle.jpg



anchors away

Craft Time|

I love creating with my kids, especially when everything is already provided. For 100 php you can use their craft supplies including paint, brushes, scissors, glue etc etc etc. You will find a number of craft kits you can purchase and make right there! My 3 boys decided on the rock painting activity. The rocks were only 8 php themselves. I wish the boys could have shared the paint and supplies since they didn’t use much but it is a strict 100 php person. 

kind helpers.jpg
crafts l.jpg
crafts ll.jpg

so many choices

paint .jpg

the focus was real

paint l.jpg
paint lll.jpg
paint scribble.jpg

please notice the ‘focus tongue’ and ‘messy paints’

paint dry.jpg

and when you’re finished painting you can dry your rocks with a blow dryer

Finished Product|

finished product l.jpg
finished product.jpg
mom with explorers ll.jpg

When I support local and know the individuals behind a store it creates a more meaningful experience. My attachment to Manila increased greatly when I started supporting local. Thanks for the fun and good times Papemelroti.

Kita Kits,


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