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Harlan + Holden Dine: Rockwell The Glass House

Harlan + Holden Dine: Rockwell The Glass House

For the world being so vast it is amazing to me how small it can seem. I am from a tiny town nestled between two mountains in Northern California and at least a thirty minute drive from a mall. Last November I was fortunate enough to have a childhood friend from Sonoma move to big ole Manila! It has been so fun to reconnect with Lily and explore Manila together. She has been raving about Harlan + Holden's The Glass House so I asked her to share her review with us today. Thanks Lily and we look forward to more of your Lady Lunch Reviews

If you are looking to beautify your Instagram feed and make your friends just a little bit jealous of your culInary adventures, then The Glass House by Harlan + Holden is an absolute must.




The interiors of this space are so dreamy, you will likely forget that you are in the heart of metro Manila and instead feel like you fell down the rabbit hole and straight into a fairy tale. From the huge Fiddle Leaf Figs (the plant darlings of the interior design world), to the powder blue banquettes that invite you to sit and stay awhile while enjoying a glass or two of something special. Coffee, tea, or rose are all appropriate choices when enjoying this jewel box of a restaurant.

fiddle leaf.jpg

praise the heavens

As someone who loves interior design and never passes up the perfect Instagramable moment, I could go on and on about every last detail of this pretty space, however, Amber might never let me write another restaurant review again if I don’t at least mention the food. I am happy to say that like the interiors, the fare at Harlan + Holden does not disappoint.

Initially, I ventured across town to check out what I knew would be a pretty lunch spot, but was pleasantly surprised by how good the menu turned out to be. At the recommendation of my friendly waitress, I started my meal with the home made potato chips and creamy dipping sauce. Let me tell you, I could have made a whole meal out of those chips.


crisp chips + dip

However, since it’s not appropriate to sit around all day eating what must people would consider a snack, I felt compelled to ordered the “cream pasta” as my main course. Harlan + Holden serves their pastas al dente and it was perfect!


cream pasta + tinapa salad + child's mac n' cheese

If pasta isn’t really your thing, their menu offers lots of alternatives. From salads, to sandwiches, with a poke bowl thrown in between, you will be hard pressed to not find something to enjoy. If you want to check the restaurant out but are not able to stay for a full meal, you can always sit at their absolutely adorable bar and have a creamy latte and a sweet treat.

tinapa salad.jpg

tinapa salad

bar stools.jpg



Its safe to say that if I didn’t have a sweet little baby waiting for me at home, I might have stayed in this pretty glass box forever! Overall I came for the gram, but will be back for the food!

- Lily


the glass house, rockwell center

mobile: +63 917 109 2156

restaurant hours:
Mon-Thu 11AM – 10:30PM

Fri -Sun 11AM - 11PM

last call: 10PM


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