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A Feast At Lucky Chinatown Mall

A Feast At Lucky Chinatown Mall

It pays off to have friends who eat well. I for the life of me cannot remember who tipped me off to the whole ‘roasted’ chicken at Lucky Chinatown Mall annex but I forever thank the. I first had this over a year ago and it is a highlight for me every time I am in the area. 

After our recent visit to the Chinatown Museum we completely indulged in the flavors of Binondo and here’s what we feasted on. 

Whole “Roasted” Chicken|

The whole roasted chicken from Mystery Shop (I cannot seem to find a name for this stall, thus we shall call it Mystery Shop) is TO DIE FOR. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the ‘roasted’ chicken isn’t actually roasted but F R I E D. As in deep, DEEP FRIED, in a VAT of delicious oil. And that is the secret to this sarap-to-the-bones chicken is the way in which it is baptized in the heavily oil of life giving deliciousness.


the beautiful ceremony of raw chicken being turned into heaven


San Guo La Mein|

Uuuuyyyy! This is one not to miss. I recommend getting a whole chicken from the Mystery Shop to take home and eating your actual meal at San Guo La Mein. They don’t have much in the way of veggies but the noodles and fried dumplings CANNOT be beat! Sarap!


hand pulled noodles, braised beef, fried rice, squash pancakes and so much more!


dumplings for me, dumplings for you

Oh Manila, you have so much to offer and my favorite past time is exploring and eating my way through your history. Never stop shining!

Kita Kita,


Tahanan Pottery, Quezon City

Tahanan Pottery, Quezon City

Chinatown Museum, Binondo Manila

Chinatown Museum, Binondo Manila