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Paluto Pa More At Seafood City

Paluto Pa More At Seafood City



Alright folks, if you are reading this around lunch time fair warning that this post will absolutely make you hungry after reading this. Last week a group of us went to explore Venice Grand Canal Mall (that place is super swanky by the way) and paluto-all-we-can at the newly opened Isla Sugbu Seafood City.

In recent years my seafood consumption has increased dramatically thanks to our time in Manila. I am quite certain I would have never eaten squid, octopus, whole fish or bagoong (fish/shrimp paste) in the United States. I love our life abroad for reasons like this, new cultural experiences happen almost everyday and I am grateful. If you find yourself seeking adventure or are a lover of seafood, give Seafood City a go. Seafood City is pretty much a swanky (read: sosyal) dampa. What is dampa? A seafood wet market where you purchase fresh seafood and then have it cooked at one of a number adjoining restaurants. At Seafood City you skip the wet market and get an upscale, fresh and clean seafood selection after which the restaurant will then prepare your choice in any number of ways. The possibilities are endless!



First things first

If Bianca is working the day of your visit make sure she helps you choose your seafood. Bianca is very knowledgable and will tell you the best dishes to have made with the seafood of the day.


Look at all the choices!


*Premium choices such as lobster, crab, some shrimps and a number of other options are an additional charge.


While waiting for your food to be prepared I suggest finding a perfect spot to sit and then order a drink to sip. The drinks are divine and large! Bonus: kropek with vinegar dipping sauce is served while you wait.


spacious and clean dining area


I sipped on buko juice paired with kropek


My friend ordered this monster cucumber tea


As far as pricing goes, for only P888 the quality and quantity of food you get at Seafood City cannot be beat. We indulged a bit and had our entire table filled to the max. I suggest everyone order one dish and share family style kasi it is paluto-all-you-can!


In the details

This charming carrot perched on our plate was an added charm and something I don’t see often in Manila. It sat atop our super sarap creamy lobster.

Here’s what we ordered:

Tempura soft crabs, shrimp tempura, chop suey with fresh veggies, sweet and sour fish, creamy lobster, Singapore chili crab, adobo pusit and paksiw.

Our favorites were hands down the tempura, sweet and sour fish and I was surprisingly a fan of adobo pusit. If you still want order more, NO PROBLEM, you can keep going back for me. Gutom sobra na!

*Premium choices such as lobster, crab, some shrimps and a number of other options are an additional charge.


So if you’re feeling adventurous or ready to start your seafood journey Seafood City is the place to be. It’s the most comfortable restaurant to dip your feet in dampa style dining. Manila, I love you!

Happy Eating,


Isla Sugbu Seafood City is located 2F Venice Grand Canal Mall, Mckinley Hills, Taguig

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