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Tahanan Pottery, Quezon City

Tahanan Pottery, Quezon City

Since becoming infatuated with place attachment and my relationship with Manila I have come to appreciate her so much more. Since my paradigm has shifted and I learned that loving a place really has to do with my own choices (and attitude), I give myself a little kick in the wet when a phrases such as, “There is nothing to do here,” creeps into my ungrateful mind. MANILA HAS SO MUCH TO DO! 

It takes a bit more digging often, but Manila really has a depth unique to herself. In today’s, Love Where You Live Experiments, I share a small pottery studio in Quezon City, Tahanan Pottery Shop


Tahanan Pottery is 3 (maybe 4) floors tall and on the entry level is a quaint pottery shop while the upper levels are spaces for classes, pottery wheels and drying (kiln). The classes offered at Tahanan are super affordable and thorough. I had two friends take their Basic Wheel Class and they had multiple classes, hours of practice and ended up making and keep a number (7-10) pieces.


each artist has a display with a bio profile next to their works for sale. There are a dozen different artist with works on display. manila really has a thriving art scene.


various tools


students works drying


my friend let me design her finished pieces, they’ll be ready to pick up in a few weeks

Manila, you have everythaaang! You really can find what you’re looking for. Just make sure you’re always looking. :)

Kita Kita,


Tahanan Pottery

+63 917 834 9525

Unit 4, 24K Mansion, 45 - Timog Avenue corner Scout Tuason Streeet
Quezon City, Philippines

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