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Manila Love Workshop

Manila Love Workshop

As I sit and write this I am still in awe at where A Momma Abroad is today and excited also for what the future holds. I began hosting workshops to help Manila transplants create place attachment with their new home. I have officially partnered with two very inspiring life coaches to bring the workshop attendees actionable tips and real life motivation. It’s been super fun and rewarding. I began writing this blog three years ago with completely different intentions but have nothing but gratitude for where it has lead me. I’d love to share a few photos from our last workshop on November 13 and share some insight as to what takes place during one of my workshops. 


Super Aurora! I met Aurora through because of my enthusiasm for her brilliant Sunday Night Journal. Our friendship has since grown and now we get to co-host workshops together. She is an inspirer, dreamer and believer. She helps you find those dreams way down inside of you and provokes thoughtful self reflection that turns those dreams into action!

A main goal for the location of the workshops is to have it central to where expats live, this is generally Makati, BGC and Alabang (coming soon!) The space must be well light and capture a pocket of beauty in our city. We were fortunate enough to use a space in the newly opened Menarco Tower located in BGC.


a fave water bottle from Bright Brands Ph for each participant


we used Filipino inspired scents from Kultura for the ambiance

Menarco Tower is a beauty but her real gems are in the eco-conscience details of her structure. Menarco Tower has natural lighting, special air filtration systems and whole food dining options at the top of their list. From our floor in Menarco we had a super cool view of BGC and the Nike basketball court murals, we could capture them perfectly from above. Because of the location and scenery we were able to go on a ‘Look Around’ you walk and find a list of detailed items to create mindfulness while strolling about. So much of our happiness in a new place all depends on our perspective, if we want to see the good we will find it. The city walk was a simple exercise of this practice. 


My gratitude runs deep for the mix of women who attend my workshops. Some of them have been women I have been emailing for months and some I am meeting for the first time. The greatest joy is that by the end real connections have been made. It’s actually been a struggle with kids and school because I really would love to stay in contact more with each individual, something I hope to get better at through experience. 


Who doesn’t love a good Oprah moment am I right? One of my favorite aspects of the workshop is giving away goodies to our newcomers. When I began to quiet the mentality of comparison in mind of ‘back home we have…’ ‘in America I can find…’. As that voice began to silence I find so many of my needs and more right here locally and I love to share that with others. It’s the funnest to give away goodies from brands that I love. I am forever grateful to my sponsors who graciously say yes and support this workshop. Maraming Salamat po! 

Bayong - @bayongciaga

Abel Linens - @abelphilippines

Spa Day At Luljettas - @lujettas

Woven abaca coasters - @magayon_handmade

Personal Care Sets - @ZenNutrients

Textured Bracelets - @KoketFashion

Real Food Sets - @realfoodph

Oli’s Boxship - @olisbox

Montii Water Bottles - @brightbrandsph

Filipino Children’s Book - @adarnahouse

Face Care and KiliKili Set - @OneEarthOrganics

For those of you who are new here or need support creating place-attachment with Manila we’d love to have your at our next workshop.

Kita Kita,


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