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A Few Favorite Natural Things

A Few Favorite Natural Things

What you will find here: natural products I have purchased with my own money and love and want to show that you can find really great options, locally. Most of these are local brands but a a few imported names are thrown in the mix as well BUT I found them locally.

What you won’t find here: make up and sunscreen. I am allergic to almost all make up and sunscreen and no matter how the natural the product I use, I almost certainly end up with the severe sneezing and itchy eyes for two days. One exception I will be sharing is Human Nature’s sunscreen on my kids because it’s a local brand that is very eco and socially conscience. Kawawa naman kasi it does still give me the sneezes after - but not my kids!

KiliKili Care|

I have got some major hippies in my family and one of their big soap boxes is natural deodorant. After the fear they instilled in me about aluminum and other harmful products I’ve made the switch to au’ natural deodorants and these three are my favorite in Manila.


Found the Schmidt’s deodorants recently at Landers and am in love with the soft scent of them both.


The Kween of the KiliKili Selfie, Antibac Deodorant from One Earth Organics. It’s the perfect spray and dries super fast.


Zen Nutrients Cooling Tea Tree spray deodorant is my old reliable. The perfect scent, light spray and lasts. It has more of a wet texture and takes just a bit to dry.

Oral Health & Throat Spray|

During our visit to Ilog Maria a few months back I may have gone a bit crazy. I was intrigued by the honey propolis powder tooth paste and honey propolis throat spray. From what I can tell, most Titas Of Manila cray the Ilog Maria throat spray in their bag and all times. As for the tooth paste it’s not the most appetizing but it is the healthiest! I use it about once a week.


Kikay Lang|

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 3.09.10 PM.png

I am not a big make up lover but on occasion I will wear lipstick and the after stain of lipstick drives me nuts. On a whim I picked up the Human Nature Lip Scrub during a shopping trip and have super enjoyed this five minute treatment.

photo via human nature

Germs Be Gone|


Another find from Zen Nutrients, Lavender All Around Spray. I love this stuff so much I buy it in groups of 3. The scent is so light and fresh and cleans well.*Zen Nutrients has a lovely store front in Kapitolyo but also supplied in select SM Malls.

Bugs, Cuts & Scrapes|

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.31.32 AM.png

Only the best for you and the kids! Ana of Body Food All Natural is a straight up modern day medicine woman. She has perfected the art of finding the earth’s greatest elements and created Body Food.Her Balm Around is my favorite.

photo via ana gutch

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.39.40 AM.png

Another jar we keep around the house and in the car is Indigo Baby Jar Of Love. My kids put this on their bug bites all by themselves. It’s a perfect balm for all the boo-boos.

photo via indigo yummy mummy

airbnb ll copy.jpg

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to bug spray but I keep Pili Bug Me Not Balm in our car, bags and backpacks so I can just wipe on the kids as needed. I love that the base of this product uses the local pili nut.*You can purchase this at Kultura.


Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 3.08.37 PM.png

Things I love about Human Nature sunscreen: It’s locally made. It’s doesn’t use harmful chemicals that can harm the coral reefs. It’s easy to rub on to my children and it’s super affordable!

photo via human nature

If you have found products that work for you keep using them, this isn’t a list to get you to throw everything you have out and buy anew, or even buy more. This post is merely about options, to show that Manila really has so many options, especially natural and local ones.

Kita Kita Titas,


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