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Namaskar Series at Ricksha Streetside Tandoor, Kapitolyo

Namaskar Series at Ricksha Streetside Tandoor, Kapitolyo

I recently wrote about my love for Ricksha Streetside Tandoor and Kapitolyo in general. It’s always a good idea to revisit Ricksha and this time to experience the launch of their, Namaskar Series. The Namaskar Series is a perfect love where you live experiment’, it features fun, educational and interactive personalities and products from all over the world paired with a special serving menu at Ricksha. Up first: Wine-maker Jean Charles Villard of Villard Wines from Chile.

Namaskar Series|


The price cannot be beat.

my happiness is dependent on good food in manila, ricksha streetside tandoor makes me very happy. the price of the namaskar series cannot be beat. i was even a bit worried it might be too low and compensate the long life of ricksha i pray for. however, after meeting restauranteurs, cyril & Pierre addison, the down to earth owners of the ricksha, i was soothed in knowing it was in good hands. let us all give thanks for our daily naan. (495 for 2 pax or 295 for 1)

I grew up in Sonoma Valley, the actual town of Sonoma, but I didn’t drink wine. I knew the process of wine making, the Vintage Festival was a huge deal for our valley, but beyond stomping my feet in grapes I knew (know) nothing. I still don’t know anything but I can appreciate a craftsman for their work. Hearing the process of how Jean Charles Villard cares for his vineyard and the family legacy of Villard Wines was enough to pique my curiosity and earn my respect. I don’t drink wine so I still can’t tell how remarkable it is, that challenge is left to you. :)


Wine-maker Jean Charles Villard of Villard Wines from Chile.

The Menu|

I’m not a food writer, but you already know that. However, that won’t stop me from expressing the incredible flavors and textures of the meal we had. The potatoes of the aloo chat were perfectly crispy and paired with a tangy sweet drizzle. The Sundal Salad explored a flavor palate I had yet to meet. The pork belly tandoor was instant addiction as the ease of the tender meat required no work, only enjoyment. The paneer skewers and buttered chicken are reliables I can always count on to fill me up, in the best way possible. The byriani was the star of the show practically being more of an event than a food item. Following closely by was the night cap of a coconut ladoo, which is the richest yet not-overpowering coconut macaroon I have ever had. It was all so divine.


Aloo Chaat - potato, chickpeas, onion, cilantro


Sundal Salad

mustard seeds, coconut, chickpeas, green mango


chicken + pork belly tandoori - the pork was THE most tender pork I have tasted


Paneer Skewers

corriandor and chili


butter chicken - always a favorite


fanciest byriani


Coconut Ladoo - like a fresh macaroon

Meet The Family|

Cyril and Pierre are culinary geniuses and at the heart of the menu is the matriarch of the family, Rebekah. Cyril’s mother developed the menu and helped train the staff to execute the recipes perfectly. Cyril and his wife, Pierre, a trained sommelier (yes, very very fancy, lol), are both very accomplished but are some of the most down to earth people we’ve met, it’s amazing how food can bring people together.


Cyril Addison


Rebekah, the sweet mother whose family recipes greet every patron of Ricksha, what a gift!

Kapitolyo, you are a delight. I am grateful for brave entrepreneurs who cross cultures through food, it’s my favorite way to cross cultures. How fortunate we are to have this streetside tandoor in our ‘hood. Namaskar Series has another special this month on October 15, featuring local brewery, Engkanto Brewery. Go Pilipinas!

Kita Kita,


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