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Heroes In Training at Heroes Headquarters Ph

Heroes In Training at Heroes Headquarters Ph

A very wise music artist by the name of Coolio once sang, “Ain’t no party like a Filipino party cuz’ a Filipino part don’t stop!” Last month we celebrated Kuya Aaker’s birthday party at Heroes Headquarters Ph and it was full on. In true Pinoy fashion we had our first ever big birthday party. We had a total of 17 kids, that’s right SEVENTEEN children 9 years and under. It was pure chaos and delight. We contained all the minions and turned them into heroes at the newly opened Heroes Headquarters in Shangrila Plaza Mall. It was a perfect venue to handle the madness. 

Obstacles, Zip lines, Training, Gun Free Laser Tag and More!

Run and jump over obstacles! Climb up a wall or zip across a city sky line, Heroes Headquarters has it all. Ball pits and climbing structures, slides and more! It’s all here. Heroes Headquarters is a perfect indoor place for kids to go explore their abilities and use up a lot of energy in the process.


One of the highlights of Heroes Headquarters is the gun free laser tag. Instead of using the traditional laser gun hand blasters are used instead. The course was small for the kids but I heard the owners may be expanding the space and structures inside.


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Pizza Hut + Triple Chocolate Rolls|

After all the training and skill development it takes to be a hero, the heroes in training worked up quite an appetite. We headed to what I think is the nicest Pizza Hut we have been to and devoured pizza. No birthday is complete without a Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll. Aaker’s first school gave these to their students every year on their birthday so it’s a bit of a tradition now. 


Pizza Hut, Root Beer (very American ha!) and Red Ribbon Triple Chocolate Roll.

I don’t know how Filipino’s are so good at hosting big birthday parties but it is a skill I am envious of. The close community and familial relationships of Filipino culture has taught me a lot about myself and my world view. I am better community and family member because we have lived here. Manila, I am grateful for you and all the milestones we celebrate along the way from birthdays to babies. 

Kita Kita,


Heroes Headquarters Ph

5th Floor, East Wing Shangri-la Plaza (8.01 mi)
Manila, Philippines 1552

Pinoy Halloween 2019

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Namaskar Series at Ricksha Streetside Tandoor, Kapitolyo

Namaskar Series at Ricksha Streetside Tandoor, Kapitolyo