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Neighborhood Hits: Ricksha Streetside Tandoor

Neighborhood Hits: Ricksha Streetside Tandoor

I have very strong feelings about restaurant front locations. Let me explain; I literally crave walking into a restaurant on the ground level. As in, I do not want to walk into a mall or go up an escalator or ride in an elevator to get to the eating establishment. I want to park and then walk straight into the restaurant. I know it’s odd but I blame it on living in a small town most of my life. While I am a mall rat, I really love an entry level restaurant. I have found my fix: Ricksha Streetside Tandoor in Kapitolyo.

Behold, the ground level entry. We parked on the road, not in a garage and didn’t pay a fee. Plus, we got to take a stroll outside before walking into Ricksha, simple pleasures.


Naturally, we over ordered because the price point is ridiculously on point and the food looked legit! You guys, this place is so freaking good! While in Ricksha I pulled up a few articles to familiarize myself with their story and it turns out, the recipes are family favorites from the mother! If you dine at Ricksha you are pretty much eating home cooked Indian food, like a guest in their house! And that is exactly what it tasted like, a home cooked meal.


butter chicken, paneer + cabbage salad, chicken tikka masala


samosa to die for!


they even had gulab jamun! (a small donut like dessert is sweet syrup)


pulled chai is 50php lang! on repeat pls!


the interiors are small and simple but still enjoyable.

Thanks Ricksha for making all my entry-level restaurant dreams come true (plus, you have gulab jamun!) Expect to find us here often. There is nothing more comforting than feeling like you know and love your neighborhood. Pasig, I love you!

Kita Kita,



23 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo (1.58 mi)

0917 637 2113

Open: 12 noon - 10 pm

Eco Friendly With Loop.

A Few Favorite Things: So Fresh And So Clean

A Few Favorite Things: So Fresh And So Clean