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Narra Hill

Narra Hill

Hay Naku, I have had the photos for this post primed and ready to go since last February but unfortunately the words have been amiss. Not necessarily because there aren’t enough words to describe the beauty of Narra Hill but more so, because time was against me and so is my limited vocabulary. I think it’s best the photos self explain the intensely serene experience one can have at Narra Hill.

Bahay Kubo At Narra Hill|

There are actually two Bahay Kubos at Narra Hill. We stayed in Kubo Suite 1. Kubo 1 had an overhanging balcony, a down stairs bedroom attached to a bathroom and small kitchen. Up stairs is a very comfortable loft with a queen size bed and two twin mattresses. I awoke to a breathtaking view and sounds of the wild jungle.

narra hill l.jpg


Of course, the genius of Narra Hill lies in the details. They’ve taken an elevated Filipino Bahay Kubo and made it affordable luxury. Staying true to the Pinoy theme, details of ethnic weaves and patterns are found throughout the kubo. The bed linens, lamp and head board are all locally sourced materials.

(This fabric reminds of the perfect robe I wore all day at Luljetta’s. I still dream about owning one someday!)


Views For Days|

It’s really hard to determine if the architecture design, location or impeccable views are the main selling point for Narra Hill. I suppose it’s a combination of all those rolled into the blissful jungle hideaway. Below you’ll see the plentiful views that Narra Hill gifts to its guests.


Narra Hill Events Venue|

As if staying in a secluded kubo over hanging a cliff which overlooks a volcano with in a lake within a volcano wasn’t enough, you can even get married here! Located at Narra Hill Tagaytay is a beautiful events venue located down the hill from the kubos. I can only imagine how insanely beautiful an event would be here.


Narra Hill, you are the perfect weekend getaway. I am so grateful for the beauty Filipinos create using local inspiration and materials. I am even more grateful when they open them to the public to also revel in the tranquility. Kong Mahal Pilipinas.

Kita Kita,


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