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Meet JACK: Junior Academy For Coding Knowledge

Meet JACK: Junior Academy For Coding Knowledge



"Technology is and will inevitably be part of everything we do. At JACK, we want to give the younger generation the opportunity to become architects of their own future by learning how to code."

-Rose A. Saulog, Managing Director



Meet JACK|

In this weeks episode of Manila Has Everything, I share with you a coding school for kids. meet JACK School Ph. Junior Academy For Coding Knowledge, JACK, is a learning center that empowers children to be innovators through coding knowledge.


Technology isn’t ever going away so I’d rather give my kids tools to engage with it positively. One of the ways I do this is by strictly limiting their screen time. We definitely have screens in our house but they have to earn Friday video games. I am pretty loose with the tv watching on the weekend. Another way we’re choosing to empower our kids with technology is by helping them master it through coding. Allowing our children to actually create, as opposed to just zone in/ zone out, this engages the children in a way that is furthering their development. The concept of the child being in charge of the technology as opposed to the technology ruling the child is what I hope to instill. When children can see that they are actually creating and making the program then they can easily see that the computer/screen has no actual power over them

day 1
day 1

We chose JACK for our summer program because our kids LOVE screens and we want their relationship with tech to be positive. For the older two, being on screens for a whole week (4 hours per day) of enriching development was mind blowing for them. They were BLISSED OUT. My eldest son had coding class for two years in school so he has foundational skills and really grew during this week. My middle son has zero experience with coding and very little Ipad/screen time so he also sky rocketed in his coding skills. He went from absolutely zero knowledge to a whole new vocabulary and set of skills.


I mentioned vocabulary because the phenomenal teacher, Sir Ed, compared coding to learning a new language. It was an incredible description and one I can fully support. I have heard coding be referred to as, The Language Of The Future, so this clicked for me. Learning a new language is most effective during adolescent, yet another reason to empower kids with coding while still young.


this my friends is the most real and authentic smile you will ever see of Kuya. Thanks JACK!

Much to my delight, there wasn’t just screens at JACK. In fact, the first day the children had to plot out their characters and levels physically using Bloxels which allowed them to create their own video game. The curriculum and programs used at JACK are extremely high quality.


JACK is located at the penthouse of the Ortigas Stock Exchange building in an incredibly nice flat of offices. I was greatly impressed with the facilities. In fact, this is a unique thing to sing praises to but the internet worked so fabulously while I waited for my kids I wrote almost 10 blog posts. Wifi in Manila is a rare and elusive trait, almost mystical, but at JACK she is very reliable.


While waiting one day I snuck downstairs for a quick bite to eat at Traders Lounge. It’s super nice and a place I’d love to visit when I have more time. I snacked on their freshly made chicharon and give it two thumbs up.


Sir Ed was one of the biggest highlights of our week at JACK. My middle son is sobrang kulit and Sir Ed knew just how to engage and interact with him. He’s kind, fun and can teach in a way that compels their attention. Seriously, Sir Ed is all of our favorites!

sir ed.png

Manila, from your sweaty palengkes to fancy tech classes- I LOVE YOU! You can always find what you are looking for.

Kita Kita,



Phone: (02) 636 7499 loc. 887


Penthouse East Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center, 
Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Metro Manila Philippines

Chinatown Museum, Binondo Manila

Chinatown Museum, Binondo Manila

Narra Hill

Narra Hill