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Nursery Rhymes With Tahanan Books: Pakitong Kitong

Nursery Rhymes With Tahanan Books: Pakitong Kitong

The first words we often learn as children are that of nursery rhymes. The rhythmic repetition allows young brains to retain the new vocabulary. The global phenomenon of nursery rhymes is awe inspiring and it fills my heart to the brim that my children get both Filipino and English nursery rhymes in their early years. 

A beloved local publisher, Tahanan Books, recently launched a set of 4 new nursery rhyme books and I am honored to share them with you on my website. The first of the series I will be sharing with you is actually a Cebuano Folk Song, Pakitong Kitong.

Pakitong Kitong|

Pakitong Kitong was one of the first nursery rhymes Kuya Aaker ever learned. This video is from December 2016 when we were ironically visiting cold Seattle and he was singing about catching crabs on the islands. It was a bit of sunshine we took with us on this trip. 

Tahanan Books has once again taken a beloved piece of Filipino culture and encapsulated it on pages to endure as a testament to humanity. From reading these pages you’re invited into the life of the Cebuano fisherman and the attempts to catch a delicious yet frustratingly biting crab. Through this simple song children and adults alike are exposed to the the rich dialects of the Philippine islands as well. 


An added bonus to the set of Tahanan’s new nursery rhymes is that each book includes the music and notes for the songs. What a treasure.


I am beyond grateful to live and raise my children in the Philippines. My greatest wish is that they see themselves as global citizens and living abroad has given us that gift. I am grateful to Tahanan Books who recognizes the importance or preserving Filipino culture folk tales and songs, and also their efforts to endure a mother tongue. The more we learn about where we live the more we care.

Kita Kita,


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