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Pilipino Library: Alphabet and Vocabulary

Pilipino Library: Alphabet and Vocabulary

Part ll of Pilipino Library we welcome two books focusing on the Filipino alphabet and a first bilingual visual dictionary.

Part l can be found here

500 Words & Pictures: My First Bilingual Visual Dictionary, Illustrated by Fran Ng

500 Words l

I have a number of Filipino books but foolishly, only half of them are in English and Filipino. I used to pat myself on the back that I tried to bring the culture into our home by Filipino books, except that if I can't understand what the book is saying than it really defeats the purpose in the first place. So, I got a little wiser and started by picking up these two books that have both English and Filipnio at a small bazaar a few years back. I prefer buying local books from small vendors because the selection is well curated and often better than larger bookstores. 

500 Words ll

500 Words & Pictures is very well organized by topic with simple photographs that are visually fitting for emergent readers. From my own experience I have preferred reading this book to pick up a few words/reference as opposed to a language learner app on my phone. As a mom I can multi task by reading to my kids and expose them to a new language while I pick up a few new words as well. This is the magic I love that happens while living abroad.

500 Words lll

Alpabetong Filipino By Nicanor G Tiongson, Illustrated by Crispin Dayao Jr.

Alpabetong Pilipino l

Alpabetong Filipino is a work of art. This is the ultimate coffee table book with beautiful art, factual information and exposure to a new culture. Each page has an elegant print and a delightful description written in both English and Filipino that serves as a mini cultural lesson. Alpabetong FIlipino would be a really great gift for anyone wanting to really sink into Filipino culture.  

Alpabetong Pilipino ll
Alpabetong Pilipino lll

If you are at the beginning of your foreign library or have a number of books already, I highly recommend these two for your collection. 

Alpabetong Filipino and 500 Words & Pictures can be purchased through Tahanan Books. 

Do you have any favorite Filipino books? I would love to add more to my collection. Please share in the comments below or email me,

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