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Pilipino Pantry: Snack Hacks & Recipes

Pilipino Pantry: Snack Hacks & Recipes

Is This Real Life?

Oh Manila, you keep sending great opportunities my way and I can do nothing but love you in return. Last November I found myself at kitschy cute store, My Mothers Cupboard, surrounded by a group of women I have come to love and admire (and who I happened to all meet through Instagram). It has become a passion of mine to make foreign the new norm and one of the ways I have strived to do that is in the kitchen. My intent for Pilipino Pantry  series of post is to show that Manila really does have it all! During my workshop at MMC I had the wonderful opportunity to demo two snack hacks using local ingredients. 


Enjoy Life, It's Delicious 

The gathering was kicked off with each participant sharing their favorite food related quote or story. Filipinos love food, especially Filipino food, so I thought this activity would set the tone for our entertaining afternoon. It was super entertaining to hear everyones favorite food anecdotes, food really is the bread of life. 

enjoy life its delicious.jpeg
indy laughs.jpeg

Indy of She Dreams In Ink feeling the energy.

nikki smiles.jpeg

Beaming Nikki of Nikki M Bento


My Mother’s Cupboard supplied each participant with a Santa tin to dress up the granola as a takeaway. Coco Natura and Radical Organics threw in a few goodies to use when making the recipes at home. 

Pilipino Granola 

Granola is a staple in our home. I used to spent an exorbitant amount of money on granola our first few years here until I realized how much better it is financially and health wise to make my own. Plus, it takes very little time and effor to make a big batch of granola. I used a recipe for years from Super Natural Everyday cookbook and also a recipe from RAW!, the cookbook from The Farm At San Benito. Fusing both recipes together I found the perfect recipe embracing local products with just the right measurements.

ingredients i.jpeg


4 Cups Rolled Oats

1 1/2 Cups Pili nuts 

1 Cup large-flake shredded coconut (I most often use Radical Organics)

1/2 Tsp fine grain pink salt

2/3 C dried and chopped mango (green and ripe dried mango)

Grated zest of 2 orange

1/3 Coconut oil

1/2 Cup Coco Syrup (I have fallen in love with Coco Natura's Coco Syrup and use it in recipes for honey/syrup/sugar substitute and it has the lowest glycemic index for sweeteners!)

Method: Measure out your dry ingredients while you heat together (do not boil) wet ingredients in a sauce pan. Combine all ingredients until the mixture is slightly wet. Spoon out the ingredients on a baking tray and spread the mixture flat and even across the baking tray. Bake for 15 minutes on 150 C then remove from oven and stir ingredients around to get an even baking coat. Return to the oven and bake for another 10-15 minutes until just slightly golden. After you have removed the granola from the oven let it sit for 20 minutes for the texture to harden and become crunchy. If you want a softer granola, bake for less time. 

granola 4.jpeg
granola 1.jpeg
coco syrup.jpeg

Dark Chocolate Discs

Did you know the ingredients it takes to make a Snickers bar (which is quite popular here) could actually all be sourced locally? Instead, we have choose over processed imported low quality chocolate bars when the Philippines actually has some of the best cacao in the world. Since I love local and chocolate is my love language, my vice is to indulge in a really good chocolate (and if I am being perfectly honest, I also indulge in junk chocolate too). This healthy snack can curb your sugar craving and leave you without the guilt. The recipe is super simple and will surely hit the spot. Just promise me that you will use a local chocolate bar po. 

chocolate 4.jpeg


2 Large dark chocolate bars

Chia seeds

Pili Nuts 

Dried Mango 

Dried Coconut Flakes

Method: Melt chocolate in a glass bowl on top of a low boil until it becomes smooth. Pour a shallow amount into individual cups. Let the chocolate settle for 1 minute before adding your selected toppings. Chill for 10-15 minutes until chocolate has completely hardened. Store in a cool place. 

chocolate l .jpeg
chocolate lll.jpeg
chocolate 8.jpeg
paula eats.jpeg

My Mother's Cupboard

My Mother’s Cupboard is pretty much the baby of Williams Sonoma and Anthropolgie, two of the prettiest and highest quality establishments that make everything appealing. Let's just say they aren't budget stores but you certainly get what you pay for. More than it’s good looks, MMC has hard to find items I had never found in Manila. Hello cheese slicer and potato masher! Hello cutest honey dippers and aprons in all the land! Is there anything you seem to never be able to find in Manila? Check MMC. There is a touch of small town family owned business in MMC that makes want to support it and keep the dream alive. 

vanessa shops.jpeg
honey dipper.jpeg
cheese slicer
a cuppa

Faces Of A Kaloka White Lady

As a blogger I am usually behind the camera trying to capture photos to share with each of you. Now I know why I stay behind the camera - look at these faces! Thanks to Sheila Catilo for making magic with her camera. I love seeing the world through her lens. 

faces 3.jpeg
faces l.jpeg
faces 2.jpeg

Salamat To My Barkada In The South

Thanks to all my ladies in the South for coming out to support me. I am lucky to have spent the afternoon with each of you sharing my love from the kitchen and for the Philippines.  

A huge shout out to My Mother's Cupboard for inviting me to cook in their swanky new kitchen, Radical Organics for donating their bomb coconut chips and samples for each participant. Another maraming salamat po to Coco Natura for always encouraging me on my endeavors and sharing their coco sugar and coco syrup with each of us. Lastly, thanks to Em Sulit of Game Changer who believes in me more than I believe in myself- you inspire me! 

group shot ll.jpeg

My Mother's Cupboard is located at Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas. 

(02) 869 0003


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