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Pilipino Library: Zeke And The Pirates

Pilipino Library: Zeke And The Pirates

Hi Friends! Happy Monday. 

Today in our adventures of Pilipino Library let's set our sails to a land of fantasy with Zeke and the Pirates, a lovely tale of bravery, friendship and imagination. Our book today features local artist Wiji Lacsamana and author Chinggay Labrador, both highly creative Filipinas. 


Zeke and The Pirates is a lovely tale that follows a young boy through the seas of his wild imagination. The story blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. The same magic of beloved children's book, 'Where The Wile Things Are', Zeke allows you to escape away into unexplored territory of his creative thoughts. Follow Zeke through emotions of fear, courage, sadness and peace. 

Like how the Captain was tough and cruel, but kind. And Stella was brave but shy. Not all pirates appeared like they did in his mind and soon the days were passing Zeke by...

While the book is small in size the words and sentences are for that of a young adolescent nature. Zeke and The Pirates is not a short story read but an adventure you take with your own pirates, best before bed time. 


As usual, I am a sucker for the artworks. I picked up my copy at craft hub, Hey Kessy, in 2015 when the book was first released. The illustrator, Wiji Lacsamana, is actually a super talented watercolor tattoo artist. I am not bold enough for a tattoo but if I was living in my own story book, I would definitely have Wiji Lacsamana create forever art somewhere on my body. Chinggay Labrador  rocks us over waves and leaves us hanging on cliffs until we all find resolve in the stories end.

ZEKE V.jpg

I have a big love for the makers and creators in Manila, they are brave and leading a craft revolution, this includes our literacy friends. I think my favorite art works are that of my children's books. I was so pleased to find a charming local  children's book filled with delightful excitment. 

Happy reading kaibigans!

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