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Mount Purro Play Revisted

Mount Purro Play Revisted

My happiest moments are usually those spent outside with my family. I am more fulfilled as a mother when I am outside with my family. Read: I go stir crazy and yell a lot more when we are in the house for long periods of time.  As an individual, I am a happier person when I am outside too! Where do you usually feel most fulfilled? After seven years of being a mom I have grown tired of playing cars, light saber battles and super heroes; this doesn't mean that I don't still engage in this type of play because I am a pretty amazing Wonder Woman and Rey if I do say so myself. However, I have matured enough to realize I don't need be a good mom to love every aspect of my kids play. I am also mature enough to realize what does bring all of us happiness and that is being outside, together

water play l.jpg

Our morning spent at Mount Purro Nature Reserve over the holidays was our kind of morning. We bathed in the sun, was purified with clean air and in the company of good friends. The new play scape at Mt. Purro is enough of a reason to beckon your return. In fact, we didn't even check off hikes or ziplines, again (ha!), but we did slow down and enjoy being there, together

|Our Kind Of Play Ground|

Over the last few months I have learned a bit about Montessori methods from two very informative Instagram accounts. Before you judge me using 'Instagram' and 'informative' together go look at DIY Corporate Mom and Montessori On Mars accounts and tell me you didn't learn anything! So much of what inspires the child centered approach is built into the new play area at Mount Purro and I believe this is why kids and adults feel so at peace here. 

playscape llll.jpg

How many instruments do you see? Better yet, how many instruments can you hear? :) One could presumably recreate this at home from all recycled materials! 

music recycle.jpg

Scales for inquiring, investigating, exploring and measuring. And of course, at a child's level of play! 

scales ll.jpg
scales l.jpg

We have a child's kitchen area at home but it lacks the realness of working water and a useful sink. I love how Montessori methods honor the child as an individual with real life 'work' and exploration. 

mud kitchen l.jpg

Someone was very busy taking care of the house this morning. Imagine how important children feel when they are treated as an individual, a human being. I like to call my home a good human factory, it is my job to try and produce good humans.  

mud kitchen ll.jpg

Part of the romance of the new play area is because of how intentional each element is. The rock climbing, slides, kitchen, tunnels and music instruments are all intentional. 

playscape l.jpg
wall climb slide.jpg
hobbit hole.jpg

'It is a happy talent to know how to play.' 
- Ralph Waldo Emberson

playscape lll.jpg

I am at my best as a mother when I am outside with my kids. Thanks Mount Purro for creating a space that allows our family to experience joy outside, together

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Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Barangay Calawis, Antipolo City

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