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Rainy Day Rescue

Rainy Day Rescue

Walang Pasok, typhoon alarms and billboards down means it is Monsoon Season in the Phils. For many of us it’s a simple inconvenience and some flooding but for many it can be detrimental. Below is a curation of posts that can keep you from the boredom of rainy season but also ideas how to help others around us who were affected.

Handa Ako|

The Philippines takes on heavy natural disasters each year. The heart of the Filipino and their resilient spirit is something I admire greatly about the culture. Todays Pilipino Library features a book for children and families how to prepare for natural disasters, Handa Ako.
Handa Ako is an interactive and informative workbook that educates families about natural disasters specific to the Philippines and how to prepare for them. Adarna House has brilliantly created work spaces through out the book so as a family you can create emergency plans, packing lists and contact numbers.

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I Am Prepared!

It would be great to buy a number of these and donate to an organization, school or even the families you may employee.

Activities To Do At Home|

If you like doing crafts but aren’t necessarily ‘crafty’ this post is for you! Find a list of kid and parent friendly activities that allow you to pass the time creatively!

Full post here.

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These activities could easily be done at an orphanage, a children’s center or some other location to volunteer your time.

Seven Activities To Get You Out Of the House On A Rainy Day|

Here are a few tips to help you conquer a day of rain outside the home. Good luck troops! Ingat kayo. 

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For outdoor covered fun try Fun Ranch at Frontera Verde Ortigas or in the South at Westgate

Five Kid Friendly Museums|

I am a lover of museums and Manila has plenty! Museums are a great way to get out and explore Manila’s culture and history. Here are my top 5 favorite children’s museums.

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From our visit at the National Museum of Natural History


If you haven’t accepted it you, you are in denial. Manila is the land of malls. Believe it or not this nature loving girls is also a mall rat. Malls in the Philippines are so different as there is SO MUCH to do in malls. Bowling, laser tag, archery, movies, play places, mystery rooms etc etc etc. We’ve got it.

Find my mall posts here. (and lol that I have a ‘mall’ section on my blog)


Our family at Laser Arena in Mega Mall

Safety & Support|

Keep up to date with a web cam in your area, find Pasig here

Follow your Barangay FB Page for up dates, find Pasig here

Follow DSWD Disaster Relief and Gawad Kalinga Operation Walang Iwanan for opportunities to help others

Make bags of rice and hand out to those on the street or in affected areas

For those of us who can stay dry and safe let us use our extra time resources to support others. And in the mean time, enjoy some family time.

Kita Kits,


It's Workshop Time!

It's Workshop Time!

A Few Favorite Things Edition V

A Few Favorite Things Edition V