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A Few Favorite Things Edition lll: Love Lokal

Pandesal + Abel|

A favorite combo of mine, pandesal+abel. Manila's favorite Cookie Bar is now trying it's hand at pandesal. Chewy with a crunchy thing crust and dusted with crumbs makes this pandesal the perfect companion to any -or every- meal and merienda. It simply could not be a feast without some abel table linens. You can now order abel from the comfort of your home but still get that market price through Abel Ph. Whoot whoot! 


Bring The Culture In|

One of my favorite ways to settle into life in Manila is by bringing the culture in. The Filipino citrus fruit, calamansi, has been a constant in our Manila life. I love calamansi juice, tea, pie, squeezed on papaya and in my toyo. I requested a calamansi painting from a sweet friend who is a very gifted artist and she delivered beautifully. I was giddy at first sight. I love that she included the leaves and flowers. I was struggling to find the perfect frame because it surely needed to have Filipino flare and Kultura pulled through yet again. 

calamansi ll.jpg

Carrie Griggs Art is open for commission pieces and can be reached by email at

calamansi l.jpg
calamansi lll.jpg

Rattan Children's Pieces|

Shameless plug: Hey! Remember that one time I lived in some weird dream world where I got to collaborate with Pottly n Tubby on a children's rattan line? Pinch me, it's real life. And the best part about this adorable line; a steady stream of work and income for a local maker. All good things! So good support us and them! Salamat po. 


Marie of Pottly N Tubby and Myself

Sunnies Studio|


Pabys In Da House!

We met teacher jana years ago at aakers first big school. she was the heart and soul of his school. last year she chased her dreams and started her own events company, pabys creates events. spoiler alert: she's amazing at it! We got to attend her recent event with sunnies kids specs. how lucky are we! 

Best event ever! I am not lying, nor over exaggerating (shocker!), this was hands down the funnest event we have found ourselves at. The boys are allowed to play video games on Friday for 30 minutes so they were in heaven when they got to play at free will during the party. Two words: candy buffet! And how could I forget, Sunnies Specs for the kids. Each of my little dudes got to pick out two pair of their liking. They are both super good looking and affordable. Finding kids glasses in Manila can be expensive an difficult, problem solved! 

video games
fitting glasses
bathroom mirror

We played and ate our way through the fun at what I think might be the hippest place on High Street, Sunnies Cafe. Have you guys been there? If you love retro 60's California style this place is your jam. 

Sunnies Specs Kids locations can be found here

Happy Friday friends! 

Kita kits,


Washington SyCip Park, Reinvented

Washington SyCip Park, Reinvented

A Neighborhood Cafe + A Favorite Book

A Neighborhood Cafe + A Favorite Book