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A Few Favorite Things: So Fresh And So Clean

A Few Favorite Things: So Fresh And So Clean

In today’s A Few Favorite Things round up we have 3 great local brands to keep you fresh and clean. So fresh and so clean clean! (Please tell me you know that song.)


During our recent trip to visit family in the States I used this bright and bold packing cubes from Trunk Show Manila to keep our family organized. Each of us in the family have a personalized set. I don’t know if it’s Asia or age but I cannot get enough of having items personalized and it’s only 30php! I’ve used packing cubes/envelopes for years but I have never travelled with a wet bag (only 180!) and it was a game changer this trip. The wet bags are the glossy bags on the top of the packing piles. I packed the boys extra clothes and snacks in them for the plane ride and then used them throughout our whole trip for swim clothes.


added bonus:

I have a weakness for well designed packaging and Trunk Manila has the highest standards, best I have seen so far even down to the personalized note. I saved these boxes so I could reuse during the holidays. Plus, the cuteness doesn’t stop with their packing cubes, it spills over to their blouses. I picked up 3 different blouses and am in love! The red hand embroidered top is a new favorite and in regular rotation.


So True Naturals|

Manila has taught me to love and support local, including small entrepreneurs as well. Mia, who hand mixes and makes all So True Naturals products, is a dedicated and talented soap maker. She uses the finest ingredients, olive oil and high grade essential oils, to make this Castile Soap. I had no idea what Castile Soap is, you can read and learn more here. Mia doesn’t keep her talent to herself and has started teaching soap making classes to share the knowledge, she has a comprehensive class this September 7. You can learn more about that here.


Bare Essentials Manila|

I enjoy smelling fresh and clean, obviously, hence the blog post but I also need a balance. I don’t like an over floral nor strong scent. Bare Essentials Manila has some of my favorite scents because they are tea focused, the green tea and tea & ginger are the bomb! My trick with diffusers is to only use one reed so the scent is soft and subtle. I keep this one by our front door so a nice scent invites our guests in (and hopefully masks the scent of shoe stank as our shoes are located right by the entrance -ha!)


Paper & Print|

We will file these pretty papers under “fresh and clean” because the design is both so fresh and so clean. Paper & Print by Unico sent me some personalized note cards and I am in love. Remember earlier in the post when I mentioned I love personalization? I feel like a legit adult with personalized note cards. The floral design is refined and chic and the quality is high end as well. I highly recommend them!


You don’t need to run out and buy all of these products but when you are in need of items or time for a gift, consider buying locally. :)

Kita Kita,


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