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Settling In: Mom Space

Settling In: Mom Space

"Settling In" is a series that aims to share ideas and ways to help you settle into your new home and life in Manila, or abroad anywhere I suppose. Melody Warnick, the author of "This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science Of Loving The Place Where You Live" suggests a place is nothing in itself, it is what you make of your space! Contributing to that same mentality, Live Free Miranda suggests you paint, hang art and plant trees in your new home. I would also like to add using local products to decorate that include your new culture or geographical area. For this fifth post of 'Settling In'  I share an updated to my ‘Mom Space’. My Mom Space is where I create, blog and now do homework. I started school at PSID and have spent many late nights at this drafting table already.


How fortunate are we to live in a metropolitan are in the tropics, this view makes my heart happy every time I look out. The palms lining the sky with a blue background are what my dreams are made of. Often times as I pounded away on my keyboard or took a moment to look up from my rendering the window would give me a peak into my #3PinoyBoys busy at play on the small patch of grass in our backyard. #OurPiñaHome has really been a place of so many precious memories.

It’s actually quite remarkable that for a mom of three I have a Mom Space. In fact, I don’t think I will ever live in another home again without creating my own corner for myself. A Mom Space doesn’t have to be large, even a nightstand or small desk will do the trick but I believe every mother deserves ones, and please don’t let it be the kitchen unless you truly love cooking.


I was asked recently during a lecture what my home interior style is, it was actually quite hard to answer so I went with what speaks to me: Bright Light and Pops Of Color. I am not sure what that would be categorized as but they are what speak to me. This window with natural light, white cabinets and walls with pops of color is a happy space. I love living in the Philippines because I love warm weather and sunshine, it doesn’t get much better for me.


the late night rendering and my old age (what the heck I am only 34) made me realize i really needed extra light at night. I picked up this adjustable drawing lamp from All HOme for 800php lang. i fear i may need to start bringing a portable one with me to school, hay naku! *All HOme is another reliable source for all things interiors. they have a fabulous selection of chairs!

I recently visited a newish home store in Glorietta, Archipelago Home, and went crazy over their affordable and refined items. I picked up the teal velour chair because of the color and texture of the fabric but also because I needed something a bit more comfortable to get me through the hours of homework and it very comfortable. The baskets under the drafting table were also picked up during my visit. I’ve never met a basket I didn’t like. :) You’ll find a gallery of photos below of some of the other items I was crushing on.


Archipelago Home is a locally grown brand that really packs a punch for such a small space, you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for a fake Fiddle Leaf Fig this place is where you’ll find one!

For all you parents out there, find a space next to the warm sunshine of Manila and start creating.

Kita Kita,


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