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Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm, Silang Cavite

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm, Silang Cavite

ilog maria.jpg

you’ll find honeycomb designs sprinkled all over the bee farm

There are weeks when I crave liberation from the urban jungle and then there are weekends when all I want to do is nest up in our home and have some quiet downtime. Two weeks ago, we all needed a little adventure. Lucky for us Manila dwellers we can be to many magical places within a few hours. Last week we visited charming Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm. Our visit to Ilog Maria was short and sweet but filled with a story book backdrop and adventure. 

bathroom .jpg
bathroom l.jpg

a bamboo bathroom in the shape of a hive

First up, enjoy the open space! When we get out of Manila we generally try to visit places that have open nature spaces for the kids to enjoy. Ilog Maria has a number of large open spaces for kids to run and explore. Many parts of the property are labeled with fun facts and plant names. We even picked mulberries during our visit while being delighted by a mother and baby goat. 

open atrium.jpg

open atrium


a honey box full of fun facts

walk way l.jpg

breath in, breath out, clean those lungs

mulberry drive.jpg
facts l.jpg

what a surprise to find mulberries during our visit


momma and baby goat

“Momma, let’s go back to the honey bee farm. I liked picking mulberries.” - Wells


I have thoroughly enjoyed our fruit picking experiences in the Philippines. You can read about a mango farm, sapinit picking, a grape farm and strawberry farming.

mom + boys.jpg

i’m the best mom i can be when we are out exploring together

Next up, you absolutely must visit the store. Please, don’t go to Ilog Maria to only visit the store and not enjoy the nature, both are imperative. I was fortunate to find Ilog Maria products at AllDay Grocer near our house but it was such a treat to visit the store filled with so many options. I picked up more Bee Propolis, a dozen soaps, the crowd favorite throat spray and the bee propolis toothpaste. The toothpaste is really for the au natural individuals, it has taken some getting used to but I think I am a fan. You can even purchase many of their products online.

store - oz.jpg
store - baskets.jpg

charming pails and native shopping totes

puppy love.jpg

a sweet visitor

store - soap.jpg
honey water.jpg

my best purchase was this refreshing honey water

You will find a plethora of wonderful beeswax and honey products but unfortunately, you will not find any honey. Not sure what that’s about but I would love to know why there isn’t actual honey for sale.

store - wax sheet.jpg

sheets of beeswax we later turned into candles

After our visit to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm we drove down the road to visit another treasure in Silang, Cornerstone Pottery.

cornerstone table.jpg

I imagined our day illustrated in the pages of Little Golden Books as we ran through a grove of trees and watched bees gather on a hive. Our visit to Ilog Maria was a warm welcome it the slow life in Silang Cavite.

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Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

0917 503 9156

#7 KM 47 Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm Lalaan 1 Aguinaldo Hway Silang Cavite 4118, Cavite, 4118 Cavite

Shop Online

Open Monday - Sunday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Other places to visit in the area, Cornerstone Pottery, Nurture Wellness Village and Gourmet Farms.

Cornerstone Pottery, Silang Cavite

Cornerstone Pottery, Silang Cavite

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