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Kid Eats: Pizza Express

Kid Eats: Pizza Express


I am going to be overly honest, sometimes when we go out to eat as a family I want to scream and pull my hear out - I want to throw a tantrum like my children. However, because I am an adult I don't get the same liberties as tiny humans so I have to keep my composure and remind myself to only visit family friendly restaurants. Recently, I visited Pizza Express with two of my little dudes and completely had my socks rocked off! People are probably sick of hearing me talk about it by now. Below are a few reasons why I love that establishment so much. 

Kids Menu|

The kids menu was the most legit I have seen so far. A set menu for P350 will give you a drink, personal sized pizza, dessert and my favorite detail, a bambinoccino. Darling, no? I don't usually spend this much on children's food but to be honest it was such a fun experience I would do it again. 

kids menu.jpg

Child Friendly|

The atmosphere itself was very child friendly. As soon as we sat down they kindly gave the children a chef's hat and stickers, coloring items and a fun workbook along with plastic tableware. My eldest son enjoyed his workbook so much he hardly ate anything because he was busy working away. 

aaker is entertained ll.jpg

no time for nutella, work in progress

wells loves pizza.jpg

my pizza!

Not just for kids|

I am a sucker for bread and Pizza Express did not disappoint. I was partial to the breadsticks and dough balls. Carbs are my kryptonite! 


The only thing that displeased me was the salad I ordered had way too much dressing on it. If you're like me and prefer small amount of dressing make sure to order on the side. 

meat ball.jpg

meatballs + bread sticks

The Star Of The Show|

And now for the star of the show: Dough balls + Nutella. Seriously, you gotta get your bread loving butt down to Pizza Express to try these. 

happiness is handmade.jpg
dough balls + nutella.jpg

Living The Life|

Pizza Express, where you can live your best toddler life. :) With the kids menu you have a choice of dessert - fudge cake, doughballs + nutella or vanilla ice cream. 

living in the life l.jpg
living the life ll.jpg

And that concludes a fun lunch in Manila. Thanks Pizza Express for bringing your goodness to Manila. I hope you make a gluten free pizza soon so I can bring my middle son. 

kita kits,


36th St. cor 9th Avenue, GF Uptown Mall,
Bonifacio Global City
10AM to 10PM Daily

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