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DC's Super Heroes Cafe, Mega Fashion Hall

DC's Super Heroes Cafe, Mega Fashion Hall

Are you one of the lucky ones who has a little super hero at home?


Or maybe you have a super hero lover at home or perhaps you are the comic fanatic, whatever it is if you enjoy a good theme DC Super Heroes Cafe is the place to be. One of my favorite elements of parenthood is tapping into childlike wonder. Sadly, it’s a feeling we outgrow as adults but through motherhood I get to experience it all over again! DC Super Heroes Cafe was a taste of imagination coming to life and there are few feelings better. 

batman meets batman.jpg

a cafe fit for a super hero

Who doesn’t love a good theme? Super Heroes are one theme you can really go over the top with and yet still keep good taste. The Super Heroes Cafe executed their design perfectly! I am a fan of the interiors and felt like they had a nice touch of Gotham City meets Pop Art. It was quite enjoyable to sit in the space and explore all the details. The busy walls and bright colors, plus LEGO! I love a playful space.

details l.jpg

Now, if you’re a kid I imagine the Heroes Cafe is even cooler. My older dudes watched cartoons while they waited for their meal. They also explored all the displays and did a walk through finding their favorite heroes.

watching tv.jpg

I was a bit worried this restaurant might do a mediocre job with the theme and details, I was wrong! From fixture displays to wall wraps and themed chairs, the genius is really in the details. Grabe, look at the menu!


a newspaper menu plays on the comic theme

sinestro chair.jpg

who’s your favorite villain? Sinestro?

lego l.jpg

all LEGO are for sale! there is a gift shop at the resto but I didn’t dare go near!

A Feast For The Heroes

Often times, interiors might be great but the food is mediocre or vice versa. However, the food at Super Heroes is good, not quite as good as the interiors but fulfilling and enjoyable. The food reminded me of a chain of family style restaurants in the US. You can get your burger, wings and milkshake. Beyond the basic American food the menu is tailored towards Asia with a lot of seafood. You can view the whole menu here. We actually shared a meal because the price was on the high side and my kids never finish a whole meal.

food l.jpg

wings are masarap

food shake.jpg

you bet we took the plastic ‘baterangs’ home with us


a greasy burger and fries true to the burger joints in many super hero stories

food shake + wells.jpg

true love, a batboy and his milk shake

private room.jpg

there is a more private Lex Luther room for parties


DC Super Heroes Cafe Entrance

wonder woman.jpg

Admiring Wonder Woman

Even if you aren’t into Super Heroes this is a reminder to us that Manila really does have everythaaaaang! I wonder what’s next?

Truth, Justice and Good Food, :)



I’m The Batman

DC Super Heroes Cafe

4th Level, Mega Fashion Hall, Mega Mall Ortigas

(02) 477 5673

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