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Hidden Gems: Lasting Impressions Craft Store

Hidden Gems: Lasting Impressions Craft Store

Just when I think I have seen all the craft stores I get blindsided by the Mecca of all crafters, Lasting Impressions Craft Store. This craft store is the mother-load! 

store views.jpg

You guys, this place might as well be a speak easy it so inconspicuous. Located in a house in Greenhills San Juan with a large gate out front you have to gain entrance to the store/workshop by waiting outside the residential home and ring the bell. As you ring the bell waiting anxiously a metal door squeaks open and you are admitted. As soon as you round the corner you cannot believe your eyes, a house that is equivalent to Amazon’s craft section. I was floored! 

store views l.jpg

Rows on rows on rows of paper. 

paper on paper on paper.jpg
rows on rows.jpg
project life.jpg

I am pretty sure Impressions has everything a crafter could ever want. I saw so many items I used to bring back from the States each summer in my suitcases! All the years I couldn’t get mod podge and silhouette items right under my nose - all right here! And all right here since 2006 pala! Can you imagine!? Manila, I love you but why was it so hard to find you? It is my right as a blogger and crafter to tell everyone and their mother, dog, brother and sister about this craft shop. Good people of Manila, we are not deprived, we really do have it all na! 

So, next time you search Amazon for that crazy craft item, don’t, call Impressions first and see if they have stock. Manila really does have everythaaaaaaang! Makers gonna make. Keep it up peeps!

Kita Kits,


Lasting Impressions

216 A V. Ibanez, Lungsod ng San Juan, Kalakhang Maynila

(0917) 8114865

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