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Paskong Pinoy: Add A Little Twinkle To Your Christmas

Paskong Pinoy: Add A Little Twinkle To Your Christmas

Can you guys believe I am just getting my Christmas lights up? In terms of Filipino Christmas I am three months behind schedule! The ‘Ber months come upon us so fast and I can’t bring myself to decorate until after Halloween, the American in me dies hard. So here we are, December 14 and we have finally strung the lights. It was worth the wait because our new Christmas lights really are the star of the show.

Twinkly are the smart Christmas LED lights that are controlled with the swipe and click of your smart phone. It’s pretty much the #goals of Christmas lights. When Perfect Home Ph asked if they could send us over a set of Twinkly Lights I was super stoked because Kuya Aaker loves electronics. We’ve been trying to navigate a healthy relationship with electronics because they can really bring out the worst in my kids. I’ve been attempting ways to positively engage with electronics through deliberate usage and time, coding class at school (his school offers a phenomenal coding program) and interactive media as opposed to mindless screen time (recently we have been loving Playlab PH). I knew Twinkly Lights would be so bagay for my efforts and eldest, Kuya Aaker.


I really wanted Kuya Aaker to take charge and let this be his ‘thing’. Aaker is superb at reading instructions and figuring out electronics so I was hands off and let him do it almost all by himself. The instructions were simple and straightforward, as was the set up. It took us only about 10 minutes to set everything up. You can see a video below!


1. Connect the power source and Twinkly wifi signal together.

2. String the lights.

3. Download the app and connect with Twinkly via wifi connection.

4.Explore and create!


the app is free


explore and create


The face of PURE magic!


BEHOLD! Exactly what I was hoping for, Aaker teaching his younger brothers (and mom lol) how to use Twinkly. I really don’t mind electronics as long as they are teaching something and allow interactivity, in my book Twinkly gets a 100%!


Not going to lie, the rainbow setting is probably my favorite setting.

There are a number of presets you can use for your tree but also endless possibilities abound as you can customize color, pattern, shine and placement. You can even set the lights to match the rhythm of music. Let’s just say the Jackson 5 Christmas album is very very busy.


Press Play|

This really is an unforgettable Christmas!

Maligayang Pasko,


Twinkly Lights can be purchased from Lazada and while they are above mainstream Christmas lights, they are worth the invention. PLUS, I recently read somewhere the first time these appeared on Shark Tank they were upwards of 800USD!

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