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A Few Favorite Things For The Home

A Few Favorite Things For The Home

My home has been my canvas the last few years, it’s where I express my self and stretch my creativity. Today I would love to share a few things for the home that have recently come my way.

Linens and Homes Bamboo Viscose Sheets|

Guys, I like soft sheets and I cannot lie. If you are particular about your sheets but don’t want to break the bank on 3000 count (I made that up) Egyptian cotton sheets have no fear, Manila is near! Linens and Homes bamboo sheets are the freaking bomb! They are sleek and soft but inviting. It’s pretty much like sleeping on a cloud all night.

linens v.jpg
linens l.jpg

I like big sheets and i cannot lie. it’s often hard finding sheets for our king size bed and these fit wonderfully.

linens ll.jpg
linens lv.jpg

as you can see, momma isn’t the only one who loves these cloud-like sheets.

Want to sleep on a cloud too? Find your sheets here.

Take A Whiff|

But seriously, take a whiff of Whiff and be prepared for to be taken over by the sarap scents! I am partial to more masculine scents, I don’t want to smell like a straight up dude but I love wood, rain and citrus scents as opposed to floral and vanillas. Lucky for me, the Whiff collection has an option for everyone. You’ll find my personal favorites below.

whiff ll.jpg
whiff l.jpg

White drops and Pine & lime are my go to when i’m feeling kikay. The bongga thing about whiff is that the scent holds it’s integrity throughout the day without fading and leaving a different undertone to the original scent.

Find your Whiff here.

The Masonry|

You can tell just from the photo that The Masonry is pure class. The Masonry is a new brand started by 3 batch mates with impeccable taste and brilliant ideas. Using high quality imported marble with chic design, The Masonry has me swooning! It also has me feeling like a big girl, my marble tray is probably the nicest thing I have in my home, no joking.


Be Fancy At The Masonry Here.

À La Fourchette (with a fork)|

Meet the next newest fancy member of my family: ALF Cutlery! It’s dreamy, it’s sleek and it’s gold, silver and rose gold! Grabe, can it get any sexier? These definitely sleep in a private part of my kitchen cabinet because they are indeed special. I’m also a fan of their copper water decanter. Supposedly it helps with detoxification, aids in digestion and removes bacteria.


Be An Adult and Visit Alf Here.

I’m proud of small businesses and am constantly amazed by the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to those companies who share their hard work and creative ideas with me. I continually learn that Manila really does have everything.

Kita Kits,


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