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Telas De Mercato, Textile Heaven

Telas De Mercato, Textile Heaven


Another day, another treasure. Manila, you never hold back. I have danced with the idea of a five mile radius challenge for sometime. The idea of the challenge is that you search your neighborhood for treasures or new found favorite spots within in a five mile radius to your home. I have only entertained the thought of this concept but would love to give it an honest go in the next few months. At the top of my challenge list was, Telas De Mercato, a fabric store I had driven by no less than 50 times and always thought to myself, ‘Hmm, one day I should stop there.’ So one day, I put the passive thoughts away and girl did I go there. Telas De Mercato delivered, big time. 

From what I understand Telas De Mercato is the smaller outlet store of it’s larger site in Bulacan. Often times stores in Manila like to throw the term ‘outlet store’ as bait but never really having discounted prices. Woah Momma, Telas De Mercato stays true to the concept of an outlet store. The product and variety are phenomenal and the prices are even better. If you are a sewer or interior designer you have found your heaven! No need to travel out to Taytay, although I do love a good search, Telass De Mercato is right here in good ole Pasig. Ah Pasig, I love you so much and wear so much pride when I can say, Pasigueño Ako. I will never stop loving you. 

wells 1.jpg

The fabrics offered at Telas are predominantly for home decor, this means they are thicker and of heavier weight. If you are looking for new window treatments, upholstery or custom made furniture this is the place. I wish I could have found Telas a few months ago because I would have used fabric from Telas for the couch I recently had covered. You can read more about that here. Telas told me that they do have their own makers, I am unsure of their prices. Because of how high end the store is I assume they are on the pricey side, but I thought that about the store itself and it proved me wrong. 

rolls upright.jpg
rolls upright zoom.jpg
view from uptop.jpg

Oh hello there...

me l.jpg

The selection of color and design is vast and wide. The store is very well organized and the tinderas are well trained so feel free to ask questions. I have very little knowledge in regards to upholstery fabric but I felt many different textures, was mesmerized by various designs and suckered in by old favorites, I am looking at you gingham. 

colors l.jpg
colors ll.jpg

Beyond fabrics there were also home goods available such as pre-made curtain panels, high quality throw pillows and covers, table clothes and runners, aprons, oven mitts and notions. The prices for these products wer extremely low for the high quality that they are. I got a table cloth for 300php lang and it is a nice canvas, comparable to a thick linen. 

pillow wall.jpg
pillow detail .jpg
pillow detail l.jpg

Pillows ranged from 500php-1000php. The set of linen cushions below was 500 php I believe. 

chair cusions.jpg
curtain panels l.jpg
curtain panels ll.jpg

I like to call these window treatment, East Meets West. They are on the higher side at 2,000 per panel but very high quality. 

Follow me up stairs!

me ll.jpg
view from afar.jpg

I am still in awe at the design and beauty of the space. Even the facade out on the street is so chic and inside it gets even better. The fresh pinewood tables made me want to ask if they rent co-working office space. I could get an endless supply of inspiration here! 

ribbons ll.jpg

this pretty little scene reminded me of what it might have been like to go shopping in the more refined era of clothing times. the era of picking out notions for your tailor made gowns. i can't even imagine. 

I have let the scarcity mentality get to me in Manila, especially at a market. I have legit fear that the cute thing I am dying to buy might not be there next time, if there even is a next time. However, Telas is so well organized and established I could shop with ease knowing I can full well return and expect the same results, this is not a cushion we often get in Manila. For this visit my purchase was only a table cloth and some notions. 


Here is to finding more treasures in your hood. Never underestimate Manila’s powers to hide hidden gems right next door. 

Telas De Mercato

759 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo Pasig City 1603 

+632 573 9794

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