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Philippine Air Force Museum & Aviation Playground

Philippine Air Force Museum & Aviation Playground


Another week, another museum. Today we have Philippine Air Force Museum and as with most things in Manila, I regret I didn’t visit this museum sooner. Located in Pasay, just after military row leaving BGC you will find this collection or air crafts and a nice history of the Philippine Air Force. I was partial to the outdoor aviation play ground with heaps or airplanes and helicopters for kids to explore.

Aviation Playground|

It's probably not actually an aviation playground but it might as well be. Located in the back lot of the museum you will find a spacious green area filled with aviation equipment. Some of the machines are open for play and others closed - but - we were even able to play ON some of the machines. See below. :) To be honest, the outside area is really the most exciting and it's free. 

outside ll.jpg
outside lll.jpg
outside llll.jpg
outside v.jpg
outside vl.jpg
outside vll.jpg
outside lv.jpg
outside vlll.jpg
inside v.jpg
inside lv.jpg

Before you get you panties in a bunch, this is actually encouraged by the museum!

PAF Museum|

Inside you will find more of the history of the Philippine Air Force Museum. Dioramas, uniforms, machines, weapons and much more are to be found. It wasn't quite as exciting inside and a bit hot but I'm still happy we explored around a bit. Experiences like this are good for both kids and parents. At 20php entrance fee you really can't complain. 

inside llll.jpg
outside vllll.jpg

We may just be 'foreigners' but I enjoy learning about our new host country and having these experiences with my boys. 

outside x.jpg
inside iii.jpg

there were even touch screens on occasion

inside l.jpg

On a long hallway in the main museum you will find a lovely mural, this is a small section of it

inside ll.jpg

If you have visitors in town, a little one who loves airplanes or previous veteran this would be an excellent destination for a short morning excursion. Manila, you never disappoint. Next time I promise to do those 'somedays' today! 

kita kits,


Philippine Air Force Museum is open Mondays-Fridays 8Am to 5pm and Saturdays at 8am to 12nn.

For Tours, bookings or inquiries, please call 854-6729.

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