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Philippine Science Center Revisited

Philippine Science Center Revisited

aaker on a bike

Aaker in November of 2015 during our first visit to Philippine Science Centrum

My years in Manila are starting to melt together and I can’t quite keep track of when we visited what. Case and point: it has been three years since we visited Philippine Science Center in Marikina! We ventured back two weeks ago for a long morning of exploring and had the place to ourselves. Seemingly, no one has maintained the facility so it feels exactly the same as before and quite a bit of the exhibits do not work. Even in spite of that, our kids spent three hours of happiness exploring the Science Center. 

The entrance price seems a bit steep for what you are actually getting however, in the scheme of things 100php entrance fee isn’t the highest and for three hours of fun it’s cheaper than an indoor play place. 

Welcome To The Philippine Science Centrum

The Philippine Science Centrum was closed down for quite some time and from what I can tell, this welcome sign was the only up grade. 

science centrum.jpg
science centrum ;.jpg

Explore Sound Waves and Optical Illusions

The exhibits at the Science Centrum are simple but our kids had so much fun exploring at free and taking their time how they please. It helped that it was a holiday and no one else was at the museum! 

sound waves.jpg
optical illusions i.jpg

Who's bigger, Dad or Oz?

optical illusions.jpg
optical illusions lll.jpg
optical illusions lv.jpg


Race The Clock

We honestly spent a solid 30-40 minutes racing the clock and Elma's Time at this exhibit. There is something magical about a displayed timer! 

race time.jpg
race time l.jpg

ready, set, go!

Pivot Play Playground

The Science Centrum has taking the science of playgrounds and but them at the center of the play. You can study the different pivots and shape and see how they work when rearranged. It's a fun play space! 

ozzie lifts.jpg
science centrum.png

It's Electric

Again, exhibits can be simple but filled with tons of fun! The electric experiments kept the kids involved with physical and mental stimulation. I really wish I could power the tv by a bike. It would be so healthy!

electric .jpg
energy bike.jpg
bubbles ll.jpg
bubbles lll.jpg

And that's that! The Science Centrum is simple but it delivers thought provoking fun! Take it for what it is and have a great time. 

Kita Kita,


The air conditioning is not powerful so bring a water bottle and sweat towel. Wash your hands after as it isn't the cleanest space and then finish the day at Mang Inasal around the corner. 

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