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Pilipino Library: Art Books Ph

Pilipino Library: Art Books Ph


In the last few years I've tried to develop the practice of putting my phone down when driving through a new area of town. It allows me to be exposed to a new part of Manila, to see something for the first time and perhaps find hidden gems to go search in the future. I have had a number of experiences when driving down the road and dropping a geo pin on a map location and a note in my phone to visit later. As I drove past Art Books Ph it caught my attention and I made a note of it. Thanks to Walang Pasok last month I was finally able to visit Art Books Ph with my youngest. We spent the morning meeting the lovely owners, exploring unique Filipino books and touring the studio. 


Art Books Ph is quaint, intimate and to the point. Don't expect a large curation but an intentional collection of art books by Filipino artists, local press publications and histories specific to the Philippines. If you are an artist, a Filipino or anyone looking for beautiful pages, this is your place. 


Art Books Ph is actually the reception area of Pioneer Studios, a full studio for photographers and print development. I am not an artist, so excuse my surface answer as it's all I know! For a more well versed article, please read here.

collage board.jpg

a collage of works from pioneer studios



works from renowned Filipino contemporary artist Roberto Chabet on display and for sale

flora + fauna l.jpg

Flora de filipinas

would be a brilliant gift

flora + fauna.jpg

Flora de Filipinas would make the perfect gift

Angeles Church.jpg

a little bit of history and architecture, find other works about churches here


office with wells.jpg

wells made himself right at home in the cozy back office

office with baskets.jpg

filled with my favorite things, baskets, color, inabel


tesoro quilt.jpg

a patis tesoro quilt hangs flawlessly on a large wall space

tesoro quilt ll.jpg

patis tesoro is Popularly known as the Grand Dame of Philippine Fashion

while doing a bit of research I realize now, i have actually visited her home/bed and breakfast, Casa San Pablo. her filipino-bohemian vibe is one i aspire to


wall mural.jpg

everywhere you look, art bleeds through


The books were beautiful, the studio refreshing, and the artists' office was pure inspiration- however, my favorite part of our visit was Kuya Art sharing his lunch with Wells. Wells unabashedly asked for a slice of his bread and from that request was granted an entire feast! These experiences are what make life here so beautiful. Maraming salamat for your kindness and patience. 

wells + kuya .jpg
wells + kuya.jpg

Manila really does have everything. The arts are alive and well in Manila, may you seek and may you find them. 

Kita kits,



Pioneer Studios
123 Pioneer Street
Mandaluyong City 1550


Landline: (632) 632-7683

*Credit cards are accepted

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