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Artelano 11, A Hidden Gem Tucked Away In Pasay + An Art Exhibit On Motherhood

Artelano 11, A Hidden Gem Tucked Away In Pasay + An Art Exhibit On Motherhood

Tucked away behind a large gate along FB Harrison Road in Pasay lies a treasure trove full of wonderful odds and ends that will surely tickle your fancy. Artelano 11 is one of a kind and worthy of your visit if you love unique home decor items. Manila can often feel limited with choices but I find A-11 to be a breath of fresh air and break up the monotony.



As I walked slowly, and it was slow because every piece was eye catching, I couldn’t help but wonder what genius curated this incredible collection. It made perfect sense when I learned that senior Interior Designer Eric Paras was the curator behind such an incredible collection of home goods, his taste is impeccable.


Tea Tins Abound


the goods are both imported and locally made


most of the items are of higher quality and carry a large price tag, however there are affordable items as well


the framed paper sculptures are remarkable


From floor to ceiling and wall to wall

Every Detail Is Accounted For


my personal favorite was the wall of florals woven out of rattan


a beautiful shelf full of Liwayway Filipino salt and pepper shakers

A Beautiful Mess|

The main reason I visited The Henry Hotel complex was to visit a friends art show titled, A Beautiful Mess. The artist, Francesca Mercado, used A Beautiful Mess as a showcase to show the spectrum of motherhood in it’s rawness and humanity. The moving pieces depicted so well the feelings that are never ‘seen’ but only felt.


One of my personal favorites

A nursing cover with a reverse processed image of chesca and son faber nursing. Nursing is an intimate and life sustaining act between mother and child that has become absurdly ridiculed by the public in western culture, i loved the message in this display.


chesca is a true artist with creativity oozing from her pores. she embroidered the works above


art depiction of a Filipino preschool poem


“I didn’t know how lonely it could get.”

how many mothers have felt this before?


an embroidered mammogram


a family portrait sun print + embroidery


each strand represents a week of a childs life from ages 0-18 years. This is what you get.


since A Beautiful Mess would most likely have young visitors Chesca created a play space for the wee ones



that’s right, because motherhood in the early childhood years is surrounded around boobs.

All in all my night was full. My soul was fulfilled and I was rejuvenated by the wonderful of Manila and the magnificent people I get to share this city with. Wherever you are in the world I hope you find what speaks to your soul and if you can’t, create it!

Kita Kita,


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