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Biblio, Where Bibliophiles Are Created

Biblio, Where Bibliophiles Are Created

This post is probably going to sound more like a love letter than a blog post because I am head over heels for Biblio. It has so many elements I hold dear. Biblio is inviting for both young and old, the selection is vast, the prices are on point and it's a place I want to return to often. It feels how a book store should; homey, well loved with arms open wide inviting you to stay awhile. 

|Biblio: Pre-owned and Affordable Books| 

DSC09143 (1).jpg

Biblio is a pre-owned book store which means two things; 1. Recycling. 2. Lower price tag!

|Come On In| 

The store's design and sea of books is enough to get any passerby's attention and beg them to peruse for a bit.

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book shelf.jpg

|For The Kids|

I love children's books and Biblio has an excellent selection plus they have a kids area set up to encourage young readers to stay a while.

ABC universe.jpg
kids table.jpg
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|Home & Paper Goods|

You will not only find books but also home goods and stationary, two of my greatest temptations. I have no will power when I see cute paper products. The roll of patterned paper might as well strike me at the knees, I cannot say no!

bulb l.jpg
science bulb.jpg
typescratch l.jpg

|Proudly Filipino|

For the cherry on top, I noticed Papemelroti products sprinkled throughout the establishment and come to find out, the families are indeed related. Be still my heart. Papemelroti celebrated their 50th Anniversary last year and has been an iconic Filipino brand ever since. The Alejandro family began rebranding the existing family bookstore, Books for Less, but over the course of rebranding, things started to change. Isabela Alejandro, a young bright and hip entrepreneur created a new concept instead which is now Biblio, another proudly owned and created Filipino business.

*You can see how I use Papemelroti gifts for pasalubong here. They also ship now so you don't even have to leave your home to get all the goods. 

I picked up this poster for around 300php and the poster hanging kit for only 90 pesos na lang! 

poster l.jpg
poster lll.jpg
poster ll.jpg
stars map.jpg
stars map l.jpg

In case you didn't already assume, yes Biblio is of course located at my second home, Ayala 30th. Do I even need to add this bit of info? Also, Ayala 30th is officially a year old which means I have officially been a mall rat for 1 year. I really am becoming Filipino. :) 

Tips: The staff at Biblio are phenomenal and will take your information with book requests and contact you when the titles/authors arrive. But don't ask for any Tin Tin's or Mercy Watson because I already have those on hold. :) Also, new books arrive every Tuesday : Cloverleaf and U.P. Town Center Wednesday : Feliz and The 30th


Libraries are hard to come by in Manila but if you live in Pasig, The Pasig Public Library and Discovery Centrum are worth a visit. 

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