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I'm So (Not) Fancy: Skin By Kamiseta

I'm So (Not) Fancy: Skin By Kamiseta

For those of you who know me in person or follow along my Instagram then you know this title is 100% false and that I am absolutely not fancy. Like at all. If you stuff tissues up your nose while you drive because of allergies then consider me fancy. If you spend an entire day walking around Lego Land with barf on you, then consider me fancy. If your dinner consists of eating toddler left overs then consider me fancy. You get the idea, not fancy ako. However, Ayala 30th sent me over a gift certificate to Kamiseta Skin because I am freaking always at Ayala and they were like, "Hey, we know you're not fancy and don't really take care of your skin but we think you should." Joke lang! But seriously, I am there all the time that they sent me a one year anniversary present. Perks of being a mall rat I suppose. 

lobby l

Honestly, when I first walked in I think I accidentally said out loud, "Oh crap, this is so fancy." Like unreal fancy. I was pretending I was Marie Antoinette the whole time. Apparently Manila has it's own Palace of Versailles. 

lobby l.jpg

Ummm, and it doesn't stop! Kamiseta Skin's facility are vast! They keep going and going and going and going. You get the picture. There are multiple sitting and waiting areas plus a number of different guest rooms. 


Each room is outfitted for the various services that are offered. The equipment is brand new and top notch. During my facial I heard the automated voice and timer progress through the treatment. The entire facility is spotlessly clean and fresh. 

room l.jpg
room ll.jpg
room llll.jpg

Kamiseta does not skimp on the details of the interiors or their services. I loved my facial. It was much more on the medical side than just the massage side. Obviously I don't get a lot of facials or I would be explaining this better. Ha! 


A cuppa to enjoy at the end of your service. I only wish they would have let me wear the bathrobe and slippers. 


I didn't dress appropriately for the occasion but that did not stop me from playing the part. Marie Antoinette at your service. 


Overall, my experience was over the top enjoyable. If I ever have visitors I will definitely bring them to Kamiseta Skin. Many services are offered beyond facials I just know very little about skincare but I do know about relaxing and I was in nirvana. They even have a hotel in Baguio that continues with the over the top fancy theme. Next stop Bagiuo? Thanks Ayala 30th and Kamiseta Skin for the fanciest afternoon of my life. 

Kita kits,


Kamiseta Hotel Baguio

#20 Villamor St., Brgy. Lualhati, Baguio City, Philippines
(074) 442-4613 | +639217612872 | +639153846987

Kamiseta Skin

3/F Ayala Malls, The 30th
Meralco Avenue, Pasig

(+63) 917.625.8438
(+632) 514 7336

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